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So, if you’re going to ask if I want cheese with my whine, the answer to that is a resounding yes.

Now, to be more serious. I was given something with gluten that I happened to eat some of just over 3 weeks ago. Here I am now… still dealing with fighting off the symptoms of eating it. This is frustrating.

I feel like I want to cry. I feel dizzy all the time. I also feel sick. My joints hurt. I feel like this is a complaint that I shouldn’t be dealing with. I’m always very careful when it comes to ordering food at a restaurant. Mistakes happen. I get that.

As I start the 4th week (and coming in to one month of being sick), I can’t help but feel angry, upset and frustrated. How else should one feel when one’s body is constantly fighting itself?

I’m trying to take things in stride and not just throw my hands up in the air and just say fuck it all. It’s hard. It’s really hard… especially since all I can do is try to cope with this. All I can do is try to handle this day-to-day.

But, damn it! I want to feel better. I’m tired of feeling like I’m locked in this prison a flesh and bone. I want to be active and do things again. It feels like it’s constantly one step forward, four back. It’s impeding on my physical health. I’m at a loss on what to do now. I can’t do much exercise because it wears my body out. My joints ache more if I do.

If anyone has any good and decent solutions to this, I would love to hear them. I am beyond frustrated at this point. I hate feeling like this. I feel like my body is holding me back from doing what I love. It’s angering. I just want to do more of… well… anything.

But I can’t.

Here I sit, trying to figure out what I can do… and that’s difficult in and of itself as my brain feels like it’s impaired… because it is. I feel like it’s moving through a thick fog. I might need to take the rest of this month off, and I don’t want to.

I can’t think straight. I feel like my brain is under a thick blanket or haze. No matter how badly I want to be able to do or think, I can’t. I want to write, but it’s difficult at best.

This is also longer than I have ever been sick this long before from gluten. I also haven’t really eaten anything with gluten for over 2 years. My body isn’t handling this well. I’m not handling this well.

I guess the only good thing to come out of this is that I know definitively that I do not want to do the gluten challenge. This is not good now. I don’t think I could do this for months.

I’m just at a loss on what to do now. If anyone has any advice, please share it. I need something, anything, right now.

After taking in all that information, we headed over to the Indigo Ballroom. We wanted to make sure that we could get in to see John Barrowman.

So, while we were waiting, we managed to catch the Nerdist Industries panel. Nerdist was smaller but has grown a lot from when they first started. It’s amazing how much they’ve grown. Their panel was largely a Q&A session. There was a lot of questions to be had about things happening within Nerdist Industries. I was going to post a YouTube video of this panel, but of all the things they covered at Comic Con, their own panel wasn’t one of them.

Why, yes, that is John Barrowman.

Why, yes, that is John Barrowman.

So, after that was the reason we were their in the first place, John Barrowman.
John Barrowman… what can I say?

When he was on stage, he was on. He was there ready to engage. I never realized that how much he loved his fans, but he does. He really loves his fans. His panel was entirely a question and answer session. It was pretty awesome that that’s what he does every year (he has a panel every year).

So… if there was any way to describe him while on, it would be that he reminds me of Jack from “Will and Grace”. For some reason, that was my impression of him. I kept waiting for him to say, “My one-man show, Just Jack”.

While we were there he let us know that he has a permanent part on “Arrow”. Not a show I watch per se, but it was great to hear that he once again had a stable role.

One of the best Xena cosplays I've ever seen. Cosplayer: Bernadette Bentley

One of the best Xena cosplays I’ve ever seen. Cosplayer: Bernadette Bentley

He also called his nephew in Scotland to wish him happy birthday. He got everyone in the panel to sign happy birthday. It was sweet and kind of awesome.

It was a fun panel to be in. He was so engaging and friendly. It made me want to meet him because he sounds like he would be great to just know.

After that, there was a little time to kill between John Barrowman and Best and Worst Manga of 2013-2014 (Comic Con to Comic Con).

This is still my favorite panel at Comic Con. I love hearing the arguments for certain manga. It gives me some new titles that I wouldn’t have thought of reading. This is doubly so this year as they had to pick titles that they had never chosen in previous years. So, everything was new. There was no repeats… it also means that there were so many new titles that they hadn’t discussed before.

It was exciting and fun to listen this year. There were a lot of good suggestions this year. I’m gonna have to expand my already expansive manga reading list to incorporate some of these titles.

This group is pure awesome

This group is pure awesome

I also got to talk after the panel with one of the panelists as I disagreed with his worst. He said that Seraph at the End is the worst manga period. While I agree that the main character is annoying, I think that there is a lot more going on than just the main character. I’m more interested in the political machinations that are going on as subtext.

That led us to having a discussion about Shonen Jump titles as we both actively read Shonen Jump. It was an awesome conversation that probably could have gone all night if he didn’t have a party to go to. It kinda makes me sad, because I would have loved to keep talking about it.

After best and worst manga, we decided to head out to the Gaslamp and find some dinner. This was much more difficult to do then one would think. Saturday was busy for… well, pretty much everywhere. There weren’t a lot of places that I could eat because of my special dietary needs. One we went in to we would be waiting an hour to hour and a half to eat. As it was already 8 or 9, we said no to that. We found another place with no hostess and no real way of getting food because it looked like the only people who were working were the bar, the sushi bar and the DJ.

An amazing Attack On Titan cosplay

An amazing Attack On Titan cosplay

That was obviously no good. So, we kept walking until we found a place.

We finally found an interesting restaurant, just outside of the Gaslamp that was gluten-free (and I didn’t have to worry about ordering a salad) and could seat us faster than an hour. That restaurant was Bice. They had places to sit and a quick turnaround time. As it was after 9 PM, we ate there.

And boy were we glad we did. The food was impeccable. I had never eaten in a place that I would consider to be truly a foodie joint. This place was it. I got an interesting dish it was named Rigatoni alla crema di Peperone Giallo e Mascarpone, tocco di Zafferano e Salsiccia. It was rigatoni, with a pepper, mascarpone and cream sauce. It had saffron threads and was quickly smoked. It came out under a thick glass dome. It tasted wonderfully. With each bite you could taste the smoke that had infused in to the pasta. It was really good. I would love to have it again. Craig had the rabbit ravioli. He said that the ravioli was also quite good too.

An incredibly accurate Morpheus cosplay

An incredibly accurate Morpheus cosplay

After the food, we split a dessert. It was a chocolate and coffee flourless cake with raspberry, peanut sauce and edible gold leaf. The dessert was to die for. The chocolate, peanut and raspberry went incredibly well together. Everything tasted so good. It was a pricey meal, but it was well worth it.

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel. We enjoyed rest of the evening in as we both felt rather full from dinner. We were also meeting a friend in the hotel bar for a drink before he had to go back home. It was fun to see him again, but it was far too brief.

After getting some sleep that night (finally), we were ready to hit the last day of Comic Con. Sunday is often the most chill day of Comic Con. It’s the last and shortest day. Most people are packing up and leaving. We were heading back to the convention center to check out the final day of panels.

I had been thinking of going to the Emily the Strange panel every year that we’ve gone, but I’ve never made it… until this year.

Emily the Strange originated in Berkeley, around the time I was a Freshman in high school. It was

I think this is supposed to be a pirate Harley Quinn. Please correct me, if I'm wrong.

I think this is supposed to be a pirate Harley Quinn. Please correct me, if I’m wrong.

something of an inside joke. My family would get me Emily the Strange shirts all through out high school. I had a few of them. Given my name, I thought it was kind of funny since it’s pretty much me.

I finally got to share my story with the creator of Emily the Strange. It was one of those completely coincidental things where I was the age, name and personality of the character that he had created. He seemed to enjoy the story immensely. Maybe it was something in the aether of the mid-nineties that just seemed to come together.

Who knows? It was great to finally get to share the story with the creator of a clothing line I’ve been wearing for years. The fact that he loved that that was something that really existed probably made him feel amused.

Emily the Strange has come a long way from when I first found it. It’s not just clothing. It’s also a comic series and there’s also music. It’s cool to see something that I picked up in a small store on Telegraph (that is no longer open, like almost all of Berkeley from my high school years) in to something that is loved by so many. It’s mind-blowing.

Silent Bob checking out the dealers' room, sans Jay.

Silent Bob checking out the dealers’ room, sans Jay.

After that, we wandered around the dealers’ room one last time. It was as crowded on Sunday as it was every other day of the Con. We made one more round before going out for lunch then back for the final panels.

We wound up getting lunch at a restaurant called the Blind Burro. It was a fun place to go to and the food was good… as were the cocktails. I got a version of a pina colada that used coconut water instead of coconut cream. It made the drink much lighter and refreshing. It was incredibly humid that weekend, so the coconut water was amazing. I also could have street tacos as they were in gluten-free corn tortillas.

The tacos were amazing. The drinks were great. The outside bar was fun to sit at. I would love to go there again… because I enjoyed myself at that restaurant. I would go there again.

My final panel for the Con was called “Full-Time Creative Work on a Part-Time Schedule”. It was an interesting panel. It was part networking and part question and answer. It was a great idea, but I wish that I was more about the networking as that would have been more useful, in my opinion.

After the end of the con, we headed back to the hotel to decompress and relax… and sleep before the

Caius Ballad from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Caius Ballad from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

long trip back home on Monday.

It was a great Con and I think a lot of good things happened. I’m hoping that I can get more networking in next year.

Who knows?

We’ll wait to see what next year brings.





Black Cat and Pam from Archer

Black Cat and Pam from Archer


Rosie the Riveteer and Jessica Rabbit

Rosie the Riveteer and Jessica Rabbit

Crossplayed He-Man and Orko

Crossplayed He-Man and Orko

Oogie Boogie, on the move

Oogie Boogie, on the move

Quailman, all grown up.

Quailman, all grown up.

Go Speed Racer, Go!

Go Speed Racer, Go!

A Space Marin and Space Wolf from Warhammer 40K

A Space Marin and Space Wolf from Warhammer 40K



Amazin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cosplay

Amazin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cosplay

Space Dandy and Chun Li spotted

Space Dandy and Chun Li spotted

Love these two Pinochio cosplays

Love these two Pinochio cosplays

Beautiful Maleficent cosplay

Beautiful Maleficent cosplay

Another Space Marine cosplay

Another Space Marine cosplay

Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Samurai

Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Samurai

IMG_0438 IMG_0439

Sister of Battle It appears that Warhammer 40K was popular this year.

Sister of Battle
It appears that Warhammer 40K was popular this year.

A wood elf and Gandalf the Grey

A wood elf and Gandalf the Grey

Black Widow, Winter Soldier and Nighthawk

Black Widow, Winter Soldier and Nighthawk

Curious about more of this story? Want to start from the beginning? Just want to read more?

Go here to catch up or go back and start all over again.

As before, this is copyright Emily Rush on date of publication and writing. All rights reserved. Yada yada yada. Blah blah blah.

“I… I think I get what you’re saying. And a party of me would entertain the idea… But…”, he responds.

“I know. This is really quick You haven’t even given an answer to me yet and here I am proposing that we make-out.”, the boy adds.

He nods.

“I don’t want to go to bed in such a sexually charged situation either. It’s not exactly the most comfortable way to fall asleep.”, he says.

He looks down at the floor. He realizes that this feels just as awkward as the first time their boyfriend came over to his house in high school. Even though he was focused only on his boyfriend, he still wasn’t sure if it was going to happen. In some ways this is very much like that situation. He’s still not sure if he was interested in dating the boy… and yet here it is. Does he do this or not? If anything it will certainly resolve the situation.

He crosses his arms and taps his foot on the floor.

“Well, there’s only really going to be one way to resolve this situation, isn’t there.”, he says, still thinking about it.

“Unfortunately, this is all I can think of. He both wants to do the threesome and is scared to…”, the boy says, “I will not take what happens tonight as a confirmation that you want to date me. I want that to be something that you decide on your own.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to…”, he responds, “It’s more that the thought had never entered my head. You’ve always been more focused on him.”

He sighs heavily.

“I appreciate that you wouldn’t take anything that happens tonight as an answer.”, he says, “Maybe we should just do it. It would certainly solve any doubts he has. Or I could just sleep on the couch. I used to do it so many times before…”

The boy shakes his head. He knew that there was always the possibility of someone taking the couch, at the same time their boyfriend did ask to sleep with both. It also seemed unfair that he should give up sleeping in the bed to make things easier.

“I had thought about that, but the request was for both of us in bed with him.”, the boy says.

“I know…”, he says with a sigh, “Well, then… Lets do it.”

The boy steps closer to him. He gently caresses his arm.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”, the boy asks.
He nods He isn’t sure that this is a great idea, but it would certainly answer quite a few questions.

The boy wraps his arms around him. He can feel the boy’s flesh on his. It feel strange, but not unpleasant. The boys hands gently caress his back and he can feel his breath on his neck.

“Thank you.”, the boy whispers as he kisses the lobe of his ear.

Here I am, back after my vacation.

Though, I will admit, it wasn’t much of a vacation. I wound up being fed two things that would make me horribly ill. One that would last one day, the other I’m still dealing with and it has put me in great amounts of pain. So… I didn’t really have an enjoyable birthday. I’m going to have a re-do, without the extra time off once I’m no longer hurting.

My sleep schedule was also messed with. Because of processing out what’s making me sick, I feel tired a lot. Since this wasn’t a trace amount, this is taking more time and is more work. I’m hoping that this is finished soon. I’m tired of the pain and the tired.

I did have 2 high points though. I’m hoping that this isn’t a show of what a pain the next year will be. I’m hoping this is a painful recap and that everything else will be much happier. Frankly, I really need it now.

So… what do I plan on for this week?

I might have to call this week largely a wash. I’m trying to handle being sick first. I will post another part of my long running and increasingly misnamed short story. Unfortunately, other than that I have nothing else ready for you. Please look forward to another installment of my story.

Otherwise, I’m going to focus on trying to get past pain. I’m sorry that this is happening now as I have a lot of writing ideas percolating away in my brain.

I’m hoping that next week will find me feeling better and ready to get more writing on here.

Until then!

Hello there everyone!

I’ve lagged on writing as of late. I do apologize. I’ve gone back in to finding a job mode. It’s something that needs to happen now. Working one day a week is simply not enough.

Does that means this will be an always thing until I get a new job?

Probably not.

However, this week is different. This is my birthday week. My birthday falls right square in the middle of it, on Wednesday. I will be writing, just not posting. I need some downtime right now, including needing more sleep. This also means that I will be destressing as best I can.

I’m also getting over being sick… again. I was give a double shot of things that will make me horribly ill. Now I’m getting over the latest bout of gluten illness. So, I’m taking this downtime for multiple reasons… and it’s only a week. Which is a good thing, I think.

That’s what’s happening in my life now.

I’ll see you all next week.

Until then!

I know that it hasn’t been that far off, but if you’re looking for a refresher course, you can find it <a href=””>here</a&gt;.

As before, this is copyright Emily Rush on date of publishing and writing. All rights reserved. Yada yada yada.

This time the boy’s face stays close to his own. He can feel the boy’s lips gently caressing his ear.

He lets out a pregnant sigh. The breath is tinged with the slight sound of him moaning. This was getting to be too much. He was reaching the point of sexual frustration where he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. His boyfriend’s head being in his crotch most certainly wasn’t helping.

He firmly puts his hands on his boyfriend’s shoulders. He pushes him away just enough to be able to look him in the eyes. He can see that his boyfriend was both feeling embarrassed and turned on. That he would probably entertain the threesome.

He also knew that he couldn’t push the issue. He got down on his knees in front of his boyfriend.

“Are you sure you want to do this? If I keep your head where it was this isn’t going to end innocently.”, he says.

His boyfriend looks thoughtfully for a moment. He looks up at the boy and back at him.

“I-I…”, his boyfriend starts.

He holds his boyfriend’s hand. He feels the boy’s hand on his shoulder.

“It’s about what you want to do.”, the boy says.

Their boyfriend nods. He holds tighter on to his hand.

“I-I b-both w-want both of y-you… a-and a-am scared.”, his boyfriend said, staring down at the floor.

He kisses his boyfriend’s hand. He looks back at the boy to see what he’s thinking. The boy mouths to him, lets talk for a moment.

He nods and stands. He leans over and whispers in his boyfriend’s ear, “I’ll be right back.”

He kisses his boyfriend. He turns around and follows after the boy. They walk towards the living room.

The boy stops him while they’re still in the hallway. He gently grabs his arm. He swings around to face the boy.

“So, what do we do?’, he asks, slightly annoyed.

“… I have an idea, but I’m not sure how keen you’re going to be to do it.”, the boy says.

His eyes widened as he thought of the possibility. This would certainly be pushing things forward. He still wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted to date the boy. It certainly would be a solution to getting an answer, but could he do it?


Friday Quickie Day

Hello there!

So, I’m not presenting you with a story or other kind of writing. Life has been… interesting as of late. I’m not quite sure how to feel about it.

My job decided to cut my hours for reasons not related to my ability to work, but for reasons that were never asked about prior to hiring me. I don’t have a car and have a phobia of driving (thanks to being repeatedly yelled at while learning to drive). So I work a whole whopping 8 hours a week.

Needless to say, this isn’t acceptable.

But here’s some bigger and better news. I’m looking for a job in writing. I haven’t had the time to actually write because I’ve been trying to get everything together so I could turn in my application for a reporter position. I’m also seeing about having a short story of mine published.

I wouldn’t have done this if my therapist hadn’t asked that I apply to one writing job before next Friday. In reality, I’m more happy writing. I wouldn’t need to work if I could make money from my writing alone. Unfortunately, this blog doesn’t turn a profit. It would be nice if it does, but that would require advertising, something I’m resistant to.

If I’m hired for another writing job, that doesn’t mean that I will stop writing here. This is my baby. I can post my fiction here. I can also post other things that I wouldn’t be able to post anywhere. So,, if I manage to get a writing job, I would still continue to maintain this blog. It’s my baby and something that I’ve maintained for three and a half years now.

There we have it.

There will be more new posts next week. So, until then!

New to this story? Forgotten what has happened before? Just want to read it all again?

You can find all the previous parts here.

This story is copyright Emily Rush on date of publishing. All rights reserved. Yada yada yada.

He sighs again as he looks down. He looks at the mirror again, at his mostly naked form. He shakes his head and faces the door. He opens it up and walks back to the bedroom.

His boyfriend is still clothed, sitting on the bed, patiently waiting for him to leave the bathroom. The boy is lounging next to him wearing only his underwear.

“Are you going to tease us all night…”, he says, standing in front of his boyfriend wearing only his underwear.

“That’s precisely what I was wondering.”, the boy says, his hand gently caressing their boyfriend’s leg.

His boyfriend gulps hard. This sounded like a great idea at the time, but now… Now he wanted both of them. Seeing both of his boys stripped down to their undergarments was hot.

“Hot…”, his boyfriend thought, “That would be putting it lightly. This is such a sexually charged scene. I am so fucking turned on right now.”

His boyfriend turns beet red as he attempts to bury his head in his crotch. His boyfriend wraps his arms around his hips. He holds him tight.

He looks at the boy with a perplexed face. He then looks down at his boyfriend’s head, buried securely in his crotch. He wasn’t sure if he should be thrilled for this to happen or what. It was awkward as this is something that he wanted earlier today, but not to the embarrassment of anyone.

He looks at the boy again.

“Well… I’m at a loss at what to do…”, he says.

“I know, right?”, the boy responds.

He stands up and walks over to him. He puts a hand on his shoulder.

When the boy’s hand touched him, his body tensed up a bit. His ambivalence showed in that action. He felt bad, because he still wasn’t sure if he wanted to be with the boy.

“Don’t worry.”, the boy whispers in his ear, “I just asked you tonight.”

The boy let his hand wander down his back to rest on top of their boyfriend’s arms.

He gulps hard finding himself in an impossibly erotic situation. He knows that he would joke about a threesome with these two boys… but now it seems like it might actually happen. While he could easily joke about it, does he feel ready for it to actually happen?

He closes his eyes. He tries to think of nothing, but he’s not sure that’s possible. He feels himself getting aroused again. He feels the boy’s body close to him, his hand resting on his ass. His boyfriend’s head is still buried in his crotch.

“I’m sorry.”, he whispers.

It’s the only thing he can think of is to whisper, “I’m sorry”.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.”, the boy whispers in his ear again.

Wondering about this story? Just getting here? Wonder what happened before? Want to catch up?

Well, you can find previous installments here and here.

As before, this piece in copyright Emily Rush on day of writing and publishing. All rightss reserved. Yada yada yada.

He holds his lance tensely in his hands. He knows that this isn’t the wisest of ideas, but he doesn’t see that he has any other choice.

He realizes that the beast is trying to focus and stare at him, but is failing to do so because he is too close to its eyes.

He once again tightly grasps his lance, ready to give out another battle shout.

Before he realizes it, he’s shouting and plunging the tip of his lance in to the creature’s eye. He continues to force the lance as far in to the beast’s head as he can. He can feel the white gelatinous warmth of the material that was once the eye. He can small the blood as the lance starts to plunge past the ocular cavity.

He feels the lance once again hit something that’s not resisting, but it also not muscle or bone. He feels his lance plunge deep in to the beast’s brain.

The creature lets out a tortured and pained cry as its body can no longer propel itself. Just as quickly as it started charging, it comes to a complete halt. It slides to the ground, throwing him with it.

He lies on the ground for a bit, in a daze. He’s not sure how long he’s been lying there. The last thing he remembers is the beast going down.

He checks his body to see if there are any broken bones or other serious damage to himself. From the cursory check, he can’t see anything.

“This is what I get,” he thinks, “This is what I get for doing this without a healer.”

He sits up in the snow, looking at the prone beast. He tries to stand up finding it challenging. Once he is on his feet again, he tries to dust off the snow.

Try as he might, the snow sticks in every corner and angle of his armor.

He approaches the beast, seeing that its breathing is very shallow. He attempts to grab his lance from the huge skull, but realizes that it’s too slick with gore for him to be able to pull it from the eye.

While he has done nothing but wish death to this creature, a part of him feels guilty for letting the beast suffer so. He can’t offer it a quick death. He stands sentinel over the beast as he slowly dies. Each breath becoming more labored, a whimpering sound with each breath.

And then it happens, quiet. It’s as though the lesser beasts are observing a moment of silence for their fallen comrade.

He lowers his head and takes a moment before it starts to set in that he finally killed this beast. There will be no more destroyed families and razed villages. And while he should feel at peace, he’s feeling something entirely different.


As badly as he wanted to kill this beast, he’s surprised by the fact that he feels numb. He searches both his brain and heart to see if there’s any sense of elation or victory. The harder he searches, the more he feels empty.

His shoulders slump with the knowledge that while he spent months stalking this creature, that its death means nothing to him. He turns on one heel and stalks off through the snow. Maybe it’s not today that he will feel victory, but he will continue to fight until that elusive feeling comes back to him.

Perhaps it will come back one day… Perhaps.


After that panel ended, I made my way to a panel that I was actually looking forward to, the Kodansha

Random people, walking in the hall

Random people, walking in the hall

Comics panel.

I tried to make it to more manga/anime panels as they are something that I enjoy and love paying attention to… largely because I’m that kind of nerd.

So, there’s a lot of information in this, so I’m just going to cover the info.

Attack on Titan, the hugely popular series both here and in Japan. Kodansha prints the manga for Attack on Titan. Well, this month they released box sets 1-4. That’s everything that they have released so far in box set form. They’re also starting a spin-off collection starting in November.

They’re also going to be releasing Natsumi Ando’s series Lets Dance a Waltz in spring of 2015. Natsumi Ando is known for Zodiac PI, Kitchen Princess and Arisa.

Also coming out next Spring is Miki Yoshikawa’s Yamada-kun and Seven Witches. This series is fairly popular in Japan. I”m curious about it myself and might add it to me manga reading list (because it needs to be much longer).

Masster Roshi from Dragonball Z

Masster Roshi from Dragonball Z

Maria the Virgin Witch or Junketsu no Makia will be coming out on February 2015. Masayuki Ishikawa (the manga-ka of Maria the Virgin Witch) is an Osamu Tezuka Cultural prize winner. He won in 2008. He won for his best known title, Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture.

A Silent Voice by Yoahitoki Oima will be released in spring 2015. A Silent Voice is the story about a bully who bullies a deaf girl to the point where he has ostracized himself. He then sets himself on a path of redemption. The story sounds both poignant and sweet. I think that I really want to read this series.

Then there’s the Attack on Titan news.

Attack on Titan, vol. 1 has been on the New York Times Bestsellers list for 57 consecutive weeks. Volume 13 came out on 26. August. Attack on Titan: Before the Fall was released on 17. August in print and 22.July, digital. Attack on Titan Junior High, volume 2 will be released 18.November. The Attack On Titan Collosal edition will be released with 15 color pages in November.

Attack On Titan: No Regrets, volume 1 is out now. Volume 2 is also out now. The Attack On Titan

Someone was brave enough to dress like Beamo and venture in to the Dealers Room.

Someone was brave enough to dress like Beamo and venture in to the Dealers Room.

Guidebook came out in September,

The Heroic Tale of Arslan by Yoshiki Tanaka was released in August. The story is set in the historical setting of Persia and is based off the Persian story Amir Arslan.

Kodansha also holds the rights to the manga series My Little Monster. It is currently available now. My Little Monster is about the relationship of Shizuku, a studious yet cold high school student and Haru, an unpredictable and violent high schooler who doesn’t understand human relationships.

There was a lot of dates and information about upcoming manga releases. It made the otaku in me very pleased to see that manga print releases are still incredibly popular despite the prevalence of digital media.


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