Life is sometimes a bit hectic. After briefly being unemployed and an even briefer stint with being hired, I now find myself back in the realm of the unemployed. That alone doesn’t sound all that bad, does it?

Not really. I’m taking the time to get myself healthy again. I also find that I need to de-stress. It’s kind of  a blow to an already fragile ego to be called incompetent after a week of work. Of course, add-on to that the stress of purchasing a house… needless to say, it’s enough to drive someone to their wit’s end.

So, how does one cope? The only way I’ve ever really known how, writing. OK, writing and a liberal dose of video games… and movies… and really bad television.

I will say this. Spending time watching other media is quite re-invigorating. It reminds me of why I wanted to write in the first place. In a time that’s dominated by awful reality programming, foreign movie ports and sequels, it brings me back to why I write. I want to bring the seemingly lost art of character development back to American screenwriting.

Of course, in this maelstrom of personal life, I’ve decided to casually look for work. You know, as opposed to taking time every day to scour Craig’s List and look for work. I see what comes into my e-mail. Since I was fired on Tuesday I have had two appealing job postings in my inbox. Both of which I have the requisite experience for. In a week where I’ve been fired, been called incompetent and have had other equally annoying and frustrating things happening in life it makes me ask the universe, “Seriously, what the fuck?!?”

Now granted, that’s the way life rolls. Bad stuff happens, good stuff happens. I’m not as familiar with both good and bad things occurring at the same time. Usually it feels like a windfall of good followed by a more obnoxious and longer deluge of bad (and really, who doesn’t think bad things are obnoxious).

So, how do I take this? Maybe I should deal with it much like my puppy, get upset about it for 5 seconds and then think, “Ooh, shiny!” and be off to the next fun thing. Now if only we had brains that were like puppies…