If there’s one thing that a lot of my friends know about me it’s that I’m huge in to gaming. Now, that doesn’t mean gambling per se. I like all sorts of games. More than anything I enjoy a good video game. I enjoy anything that has a good story and grabs me.

Good character development usually draws me to role-playing games. Sure, they’re a huge time suck, but where they take you is generally worth more to me than the hundreds of hours that you put into them. I think it’s the same sort of thinking that helps me build my tabletop role-playing game characters. When I seek to create characters I want to let them have the ability to grow and become more interesting characters.

The more you delve into the story of the game, the more you discover what makes the character tick. For me, that’s one of the most rewarding parts of the game. To see how they morph and change, it makes the story feel more rewarding. You feel like you’ve achieved something. You become closer to the characters.

It’s that sort of storytelling that I feel close to. It’s something that I want to bring out in every story I tell, whether it be screenwriting or something else. I want the character to feel alive on the page. I want the story to be engaging and make people want to care about the characters. At least I hope that’s how it comes across.