The hustle and bustle of the evening’s pedestrian traffic strolls on by the collapsed form. Some people see her, but turn away. Some people talk to their companion as they walk by. No one helps. No one stops to check on her.

She leans forward on her hands. Her body shivers with a combination of the cold rain and crying.

As she looks up a little she sees a pair of black shod feet.

He bends over and covers her with the umbrella.

“Are you OK?”, he asks with genuine concern.

“Uh…”, she responds as she looks up, “…No…”

He offers her a had to help her up. She looks at his hand wearily.

“Would you like to be alone?”, he asks.

She looks up at the face of the man offering her help. He’s attractive enough. She stares at him for what seems like a hour.

He looks away a little bashfully.

“Uh… no. Please…”, she says defeated.

She takes his hand gently.

He helps her up. He keeps her close so she remains under the umbrella.

“Is there anywhere I can take you?”, he asks, “Would you like to get coffee or tea?”

She nods quickly. She stands there awkwardly.

“OK, lets get something to drink.”, he says with a smile.

He offers her his arm. She takes his arm and snuggles up to him to share his warmth.

They head off to the nearest cafe.