She grasps on to the railing of the stairs. Her fingers tremble as she uses all her strength to keep herself up. She’s never heard anything so awful in her life. She has no idea what to say or where to go. She finds herself riveted to the spot.

“I…”, she starts to speak.

She stops herself. She looks below her, looking down the stairwell.

“I have no idea what…”, she starts,”What to do… what to say. I…”

A tear rolls down her face as she starts to come to terms with her situation. She takes the first step down the stairs. Her grip never loosens on the railing. She falters but catches herself. The tears steadily stream down her face.

“I never thought…”, she says.

She stops short and sits down on the stairs.

“I never thought it would come to this. He…”, she cries, “I never thought that he would do…”

She buries her face in her hands. She sighs a hopeless sigh.

“What am… what should…”, she continues.

She wipes her face and stands up.

She continues to walk down the stairs.

Once she reaches the bottom, she opens the door and steps outside. She rests against the back of the door. The rain pours on her small form. She never reaches for the small umbrella sitting in her purse. She allows herself to get drenched as tears once again stream down her face. Her body crumples to the ground as the weight of what she’s been told finally weighs down on her.

“I never… I never thought….”, she sobs.

She lets her head hang heavily.