I’ve had a lot of free time as of late. I’ve been taking a break (perhaps too long of a break) from editing my screenplay. I’ve been trying to straighten things out in my head.


Of course, the most interesting lessons that I have learned of late has been watching my puppy, Tomo.


He’s the most friendly and social puppy I have ever met. He’s so excited to meet new people. He wags his little tail and runs around. I’ve never been that happy to meet new people. I approach meeting new people, for the most part, with a certain amount of dread. I always think, “What are they going to think about me?”, “Will they think I’m too loud?” and so on. He’s not hampered by the same negative logic that I am. He walks up to new people and wags his tail. It’s so cute and endearing. Even when we’re waiting outside and not at the dog park he sits down and wags his little tail as people walk by. He’s happy if just one person says hi to him.


He also doesn’t think about what the other dogs look like or even their size when he plays. It doesn’t matter what their breed is or if they’re shy. He likes going out and playing with them. He’s made all sorts of puppy friends. Dogs that are at least twice his size, dogs that are smaller. He plays with them all. He doesn’t see what the other dogs are. He just sees that they might be fun to play and wrestle with.


I think that we should all learn things from puppies. They’re the most accepting, friendly and love people unconditionally. That’s something that we forget as we go through life. As we have life experiences we become more jaded and emotionally hardened.


But puppies and dogs never get that way. They’re always thrilled to see us when we come home. They’re willing to lavish you with kisses. They will curl up with you and try to make you feel as good as they can when you’re down.


That’s something that we seem to forget as we get older. I think there are some good life lessons we can learn from our dogs. As much as we teach them, they also teach us quite a bit as well.