As it gets closer to when I try to get Comic-Con tickets for next year, it brings me closer and closer to working towards working towards my goal. I’ve always wanted to be writer or work some way in the film industry. As I went to school for film, I realized more and more I just want to write. I enjoy writing. It’s something that I am passionate about. It’s something that I’ve been told that I’m good at.

But now I’m faced with the fear. It’s the same fear that everyone faces. It’s taking the steps forward to achieving my goal. I’m not afraid to fail. I’ve grown accustom to failing. But what happens if I succeed.

I know, that sounds silly. If I succeed I will finally be able to do what it is I really like with my life. I can write movies, I can keep doing this blog. I can actually make money from home.

It sounds great, right?

I also have to think about the great unknown… and that scares me.

Does that mean that I’m going to give up?

No. I can’t. My greatest dream is to be able to do something that I have a genuine passion and love for. I love writing. It’s something that means so much to me. Good writing can mean the world to people. It can open people’s eyes. It can bring forth issues that no one thought about.

But I’m still afraid.

How do you market yourself for writing? I have an idea of how to do it online, thanks to a very dear friend.

But now I’m talking about sharing a table with a good friend of mine who’s trying to market his web comic. He has all sorts of things that he can sell. I’m selling my writing. There’s not much visual I can bring to the table. All I can think of is business cards with contact info and the URL for my blog, bumper stickers to advertise my blog and possibly a booklet with samples of my writing. Considering that I want to get my writing out there… especially to Hollywood types, this might be the most beneficial for selling my writing.

Really, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Buying a table at Comic-Con isn’t that bad. I’m pretty sure that we can afford the expense of splitting a table.

This is really scary. Chasing your dream is one of the most frightening things I can think of. I realize that fortune favors the bold, but will it favor me this time?