So, as I stated yesterday, I need to single in on one of the more significant events of abuse. Given that there’s 25 years of abuse, that’s quite a bit to shuffle through. Do I start from when I was a child. There’s certainly enough to use there.

I have a couple of events in mind from when I was a child. Both of them are from when my mom was hospitalized and my sister and I lived with my mom’s ex-best friend. One was that someone had found some mini-colored pencils I had and wrote me name all over all sorts of things in the room I was staying in. I was beaten for it. I was repeatedly hit and slapped. Even when I said it wasn’t me. Look at my handwriting and the way the name was written. And I was continually beaten. I think I might have also been kicked too. I don’t know for sure though. My mom was there, even though she says she doesn’t remember it. I was even asking for my mom to stop it and she didn’t.

The other instances was when I was arguing with on of my mom’s ex-best friend’s daughters. She didn’t want us arguing anymore so she duct taped both of our mouths shut. I sat with duct tape on my mouth for at least 30 minutes. It might have been longer, but my memory’s foggy about the time frame. I wasn’t looking at a clock when it went on and when it was ripped off.

These aren’t really stand alone circumstances. There was a lot of other instances like that…. too many. I have others, but I think I might save those for another post. I’m starting to feel mentally spent just thinking about those.