After group therapy last night, I’ve been given some things to think about.

I didn’t realize that actually listening to the story again would have the same effect as writing it where I don’t feel as attached to the story. So, now I’m left with figuring out how to do it again. I talked about it with the leader of the group and she mentioned me actually telling the story again and again since I seem to have a more visceral reaction to actually telling the story than with anything else.

I also recently realized that I have taken care of the real life exposure stuff closer then I thought I would. So, I now can decide if I want to take on something else.

I also talked to her about my mom being friends again with the person who beat me. I know I need to set my boundaries and state clearly how I feel about the situation. Also I need to state clearly what will happen if that boundary is crossed. I still run into the thought about what if she doesn’t remember that I had said that in the first place. The therapist said that I should say it regardless, even if she doesn’t remember.

It looks like I need to make some minor changes at this point. I think that once it’s done, it might make things much easier.

I really hope that it doesn’t come down to having to give my mom an ultimatum.