Sometimes the universe lets you know what you should be doing. At some point, almost everyone gets some sort of idea or sign of what they should be doing with their life. People who are genuinely happy with what they’re doing with their lives never think that they’re working. It’s something that I’ve always aspired to.

It’s a good aspiration to have…. to be genuinely happy with what you’re doing with your life. I’ve been struggling to find my niche professionally. There’s a lot that I can do in the business/office world. I’ve learned a little bit of everything. In a lot of ways, it’s like I’m a jack of all trades in the administrative assistant world.

But I don’t feel fulfilled doing it. Sure, it makes money, but I wind up bored. I feel like I’m just kind of stagnating. I may be good at it, but it doesn’t make me happy. There are people out there who are genuinely happy in an office environment, more power to them. It’s just not for me.

It’s become more apparent to me that writing is really where I should be. I think the universe has given me a huge, blinking neon sign to say that I should write. I have a back log of 6 story ideas (at least), not including my latest at least 3-part story that I’m currently working on… That’s a lot of writing. It’s also about 9 screenplays worth of ideas.

Of course, there’s a catch.

Writing in and of itself doesn’t make money. So, it’s hard to make a living doing writing. Writing jobs aren’t readily available unless you have a journalism or marketing degree. Just writing in and of itself does not pay.

So, I’m stuck with this conundrum. The universe is telling me to write (or at least my brain is). I live in an area where screenwriting jobs quite simply aren’t available unless I can join the Writers’ Guild of America. And joining the Writers’ Guild… Yeah.

Therein lies the catch.

So, what do I do in the meantime?

Looks like I need to keep working a drab job while I keep writing and get the money together to hire a good literary agent. I’ll keep working on my stories, but it looks like I need to face the fact that I’m going to need to work as well.