It’s been some time since I’ve had a optimistic feeling in my life. In a lot of ways I missed it. At the same time, it gets frustrating. I feel like the universe might finally be giving me a sign that some truly awesome things are coming. And then I get to wait.

So, yeah, it’s frustrating.

I’m ready for some good. It’s been kind of a horrible 2 years. I know that that is white washing the problem, but I don’t feel it’s all that necessary to go into explicit detail.

So, here I am, waiting foe whatever this feeling is that the universe is giving me. I happy that it feels like it’s coming and I will be more than grateful for it when it gets here. I’m also simultaneously frustrated because after 2 years, it can’t come soon enough.

I know I’m being impatient. I completely understand that. Hopefully I’ll start getting good news soon.