It’s rare for me to remember why I even wanted to work in the film industry back when I was in high school. The longer I’ve been involved with trying and making it work, first as a director and now as a writer. It’s frustrating. It is particularly frustrating when you hear about how hard it is these days to sell a movie to major Hollywood studios. Hollywood is so afraid to take a gamble these days. As it continues on, I can see Hollywood stagnating.

And that makes me sad.

As more and more movies come out, I find myself more and more disillusioned.

Than there are movies that make me remember what is was that I loved about the film industry. It’s a rare occurrence these days. In the past year, I can think of one movie that made me fall in love with the film industry again.

The movie, “the Artist” is one of those few precious movies that make me remember the magic of movie making. Leave it to a Belgian movie to make me remember why I continue to do what I’m doing.

Granted, there’s all sorts of advertising for this movie. It won the Golden Globe for Best Picture. It seems like it is the current “It” movie.

But it’s more than that… so much more.

It’s about one of the most important changes in the film industry, the switch from silent films to talkies. It’s essentially the story of Rudolph Valentino. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite change the name enough. It’s a story of a dashing and attractive silent film star that gets lost in the change with as the introduce new film technology.

The movie is truly creative. It’s shot almost entirely as a silent film. I must say, it is amazing. I highly recommend it.

It’s sometimes heartbreaking, but always poignant.

More importantly, it reminded me of both the magic and heartbreak of trying to make it in a system that is often callous.

I highly recommend the movie. Even more importantly, it’s made the fire that’s already lit underneath me to work on my screenplay and to take the gamble. I can’t always just say one of these days. Somehow, some way, I need to do this. It’s been a life-long passion. It’s just a matter of can my passion get me to where I want to be.