There are certain things I’m overly sensitive to. I completely admit that. Like many people, my life’s been rough. To this day, I’m amazed that I’m not a convict, drug addict or alcoholic because of my experiences both as a child and an adult. In many ways, I guess it might be a testament to either a strong will or my stubbornness. (feel free to laugh at that)

I realize that I have a hard time getting over some things. I know it’s something I have to get past, but I think that the reason that I have a hard time getting over things might be because I have a lesson to learn still.

Regardless, I’m admitting that this post is me writing about something that can be a real raw spot for me. It’s something that I still don’t really understand.

So, I was dating this guy once. It wasn’t a great relationship. He was easily suggestible and highly valued his friends’ opinions over the truth. I should have realized this, but I was younger and dumb at the time.

There was a miscommunication. And that’s precisely what I’ll call it. He said, “Do whatever you want.” I didn’t clarify. Honestly, both of us are the blame for not making sure that everything was on the up and up. I totally take responsibility for my end of the problem.

He, however, never took responsibility for telling me to do whatever I wanted. Frankly, that’s a phrase that is hugely open to interpretation.

So, I did. As far as I was concerned I had clearance.

And he broke up with me even though I stood by the fact that he told me to do what I wanted. He never denied that he had told me the same thing.

Oh, but it didn’t just stop there.

For some reason, many other people who weren’t really attached to the relationship any more than being mutual friends decided that they deserved to let me know how they felt about it. It wasn’t enough that I was mourning a lost relationship. I also had to deal with being called a drug whore and worse by a pack.

So, any time I see people acting in pack mentality it causes a very uncomfortable and visceral response from me. Regardless of whether it’s justified.

It also makes me once again think about the meaning of truth.

I can’t find the origin of the statement, but it seems like a journalistic tenet. There are always three sides to every story. The more I think about it, the more that makes sense.

Everyone views everything through their own filters. So, each side of the story gives a glimpse at what the truth is, but it’s hard to discern the complete and total truth.

It’s interesting if you sit and think about the origin of truth. I admit that when I say I’m telling the truth that it’s the truth that goes through my filters. That’s how every story is. But it’s certainly an interesting philosophical statement.
Also, if you didn’t realize it, the tale “Thrown to the Wolves” is based off my experience above.