It’s interesting how things that could be considered “innocent” can have such a drastic and profound effect on the human brain. There are certain things that would cause the brain to re-wire itself.

There are some pretty obvious things that would force the brain to re-wire itself. Physical brain injuries are one thing that comes to mind. But what if you’ve never actually had a serious blow to the head?

It’s still possible to have your brain re-wire itself. Apparently, if you have dealt with abuse or PTSD, the brain will re-wire itself… especially with how it deals with pain.

I find this interesting. Not entirely surprising as I was abused and have dealt with PTSD (though, it could be argued that because of my abuse that I also have PTSD related to that as well). I wonder how I was supposed to deal with pain before dealing with abuse. I have absolutely no concept of what is normal. What is supposed to be normal way to deal with pain and to process it?

I can’t even begin to guess as… well, I’ve never had a chance to have a normal pain response.

If it’s expanded further to say that even spanking a child could create the same issue. Now, I’m pretty sure that would be if it was done repeatedly… much like physical abuse.

I think the worst part of the thing is that sub-consciously I believe that I am unattractive, fat and stupid. I know why I have this belief. I have tried all sorts of things to try to subvert this thinking. It’s so insidious. I’m not entirely sure how to change a sub-conscious thought process. It’s something I know that I should figure out. I just have no idea where to begin.

So, I take it as one should… one day at a time.