As I’ve stated before here, that my weight has always been a problem… well more or less. I was heavy as a child. As I hit puberty I not only became slimmer, the weight shifted so I had a figure. I was actually OK with my weight in high school. I felt comfortable in my skin… and had remained about that weight until I had come down with mono and couldn’t move for a month without feeling exhausted and in immense amounts of pain.

I’ve struggled to lose and keep off that weight since then.

I did an excellent job of loosing weight once I was bicycling 3 times a week for 20 miles round-trip. Now granted, who wouldn’t with that much exercise. I also was eating the same amount of food.

And then I got bronchitis and was not capable of biking for 2 months… then I sprained my ankle… then I got the flu… then I fell down the stairs and injured my back. It was 6 months where some part of my health was not ideal. I was back to not being able to move.

So, here I am with the same dilemma I had before. I’m doing better about watching what I eat. I think the bigger problem might be because I feel constantly stressed with little externally that I can do as an outlet.

Of course, it doesn’t help that stress not only helps you put on weight, but it also makes it more difficult to lose.

I’m doing pretty well with my eating. I’m not eating too much. I’m eating healthier including eating more veggies, fruits and nuts. More importantly, I’m making sure to get enough whole grains.

But I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to amp up my eating… and my more unhealthy eating during the time near and during menstruation. So, what if I had even fewer periods a year. I’m curious that if I had even fewer periods would I be able to get a better handle on my weight? Granted, this is a purely scientific thought at this point because I’m not sure how possible this would be.

Of course, this isn’t something that I’m dum (misspelling intentional) enough to do without talking to m doctor. After all, I would be screwing with my hormones which could be harmful on so many levels.

But it’s certainly worth the thought and the discussion. After all, it never hurts to ask.