There’s a lot of controversy over women’s health. Frankly, this is dum. (Misspelling is entirely intentional.) Women have a more complex and interior reproductive system. Not to belittle men’s health as it’s also equally important. But there isn’t a lot of current political opinions going around about men’s health.

There are many reasons a woman may want to opt for birth control. Being in control of her reproductive freedom as well as women who have hormonal abnormalities. When I started the birth control that I’m now on initially as it was for precisely what it’s intended for. I also had a period where I didn’t have health care and was off of it.

I had forgotten how out of whack my own personal hormones were. I should have remembered being in middle school and having 2 periods in a row (like within a week) and then none for months.

Of course, it’s easy to forget it when you have a pill that’s helping adjust your hormones.

And it’s a godsend. When I was back off of it I spent more time in PMS and menstruation than I did off. At one point, I was having a period once a week.

Now, most women will understand how frustrating this can be… not being able to be off the hormone roller coaster.

Once I could get back on birth control, I was grateful.

And now we have largely male lawmakers thinking that they have the right to legislate whether or not a woman has an abortion by forcing an invasive ultrasound on women who choose to exercise their right to an abortion.

This has nothing to do with being pro-choice or pro-life. Choosing something like an abortion is an intensely personal thing. It’s already a hard situation in the first place. Should we take an already hard situation and make it more difficult by forcing a truly invasive ultrasound on them.

Or better, lets refer to all women who want to take the responsibility for their reproductive freedom as sluts.

The unfortunate thing is, even when they’ve had Congressional hearings about contraception it’s been primarily a male party.

I know that this is a touchy topic that has no real answer. The truth is that it’s all about personal preference. I can’t even pretend to make a choice for anyone other than myself. So, why is it that a bunch of men can pretend that they have every right to legislate what every woman will do with her’s?