There are days where the words seem to flow like a river and there are days where they trickle. I think I’m having one of those times where they’re trickling. Of course, there are many reasons for this…

It’s possible that the words just aren’t coming to me because I’m starting to feel uninspired. I don’t really think that’s the case here… but it does happen.

It’s possible that I might just be too tired to put together a coherent thought. This seems more likely as I’ve got about 4 hours of sleep a night with no naps or other napping.

Or it could be a combination of the two.

Of course, there are even more reasons that these for this block.

Or maybe I need to take a day to just go out and just be out. Who knows.

I’ll try to find my inspiration somewhere.

Maybe I could have one of the dogs write a blog…

OK, now I’ve given myself an idea. And you might actually see it tomorrow.