I’m giving my puppy, Tomo a chance to write a blog. He’s not so good with the English language, so bear with it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mommy tolds me that I gets to trys this computer thingy. I has no idea what I is doin’… But I guess I trys.

I wants to writes about me toys. I loves me toys… I loves when I gets to play with them. Little brudder likes to take them from me. I trys to takes them to mommy or daddy, but little brudder will run away with them. It makes me has a sad when the toys go. It are hard to shares my toys.

Little brudder is weird. I remembers when I met him. He were tiny. He smelleded funny. It were a place with aminals that I has never seen before. He was quiet.

I is not sure how I feels about little brudder. When he cames home he weren’t home long. Next day we go to the place that smells funny where he disappeared. I were confused and scared. I barkeded at da place. It were scary. 3 days later, he show up again. He smelleded funny.

I is still not sure what to thinks of him. I is not snuggle pup. I likes my space. He wants snuggles. That are uncomfy. I sleeps less too. I needs to make sure mommy, daddy and little brudder are safe from weird tings outside.

And my squeekies seems to be brokens. They makes rattle noisies instead of sqeekums. I miss all my squeekums. I tink little brudder is breaked them. I wishes that he didn’t want same toy I wanna play wif when I play with it. It make me sad.

I has no idea what I is doing… and I is tired. I tink it is nap time. Maybe I tried this again.