I believe that, economically speaking, we are living in interesting times.

We live in a time where corporations are starting to be counted as people. That’s right, large, non-living, breathing entities are being qualified as people.

This scares me. What scares me more is that jobs have become a precious commodity. Something that was so plentiful has become scarce because of faulty economic reforms.

The point of me writing this actually has nothing to do with my opinion on the country’s economy. This is a little more personal than that.

I’ve been looking for a job for… almost a year. The first post I had written here was precisely about that experience.

Since then I’ve been looking for a job.

I will admit, I haven’t been doing it as diligently as I might be. I could be scouring daily trying to find anything.

I will admit, I’m lucky. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t worry about getting any job. I should simply look for a job that I would truly enjoy. That makes me lucky.

I’m also getting truly frustrated. I’ve applied to jobs that I think I would be well suited for and jobs that would be precisely what I’m looking for. I’ve been told that I was the top of the list and that I would probably be hired… only to call back and be told, “I’m sorry. We hired someone else.”

Yeah, it’s a little deflating…

OK, it’s not a little deflating, it’s outright frustrating and angering.

I realize that I’m being thrown into a pool of hundreds to thousands of other people who live in the same area trying to get anything… part-time, full-time… whatever. And for those of us that are genuinely looking for part-time work, it’s even more frustrating. I just want a part-time job. I’m not going to take a part-time job until I can finally get a full-time.

So, now we’re in an economy with diminishing returns. The rich get richer and tramp all over the backs of the workers who helped them get there.

And somehow, some don’t see this is a problem.

If I were a truly vengeful people, I would wish that they would experience what most Americans are forced to… if I were a vengeful person.

All I wish for them is that they take a looking within themselves… a real good, hard look at themselves. Do they still feel better about themselves as the hoard money to continue their opulent lifestyles in their glass towers?

And while all this frustration has fueled my frustration at this job market… I’m still willing to make an effort to continue to keep on looking. Something will present itself, in time.