I know that I’ve been lax as of late with my posting. I feel bad about not posting. Unfortunately, there’s a reason for it. I have a very part-time job where I post videos online and do a little write-up.

I have found a work-around (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing now, would I). If I post before I go to bed, my brain gets time to reset. When I wake up, I feel reinvigorated (kind of) and ready to write more… well, as much as can be expected with a bratty puppy in the morning.

So, here I am. I think I need to keep up this schedule.

This is especially true because I’ve had a huge yearning to go back to my screenplays. I need to finish re-writing my second screenplay. And I’ve been dying to dig right in and start work on my third screenplay in the trilogy.

There’s been one major setback. My old computer has a very touchy power connection. There’s no guarantee that it’s going to charge… and continue charging. Since I’ve moved somewhat recently (in the last year) and haven’t quite unpacked everything yet, I need to sort through boxes that will go in my office once I finish the bit of painting I have left to do (which is easier if I have someone to distract the puppies). I can’t actually work on it in the format it’s saved as because I need the CD key… which is in a box in the garage.

Isn’t that always the way?

Thankfully, I know where that the CD case is in. That makes it so much easier to get it and start working.

I think the downtime really help invigorate my writing. I don’t feel like I’m stuck… or in a rut. Which is generally how I feel when I’m editing.

I don’t necessarily like taking the downtime. At the same time, it’s incredibly useful for me to step away from things to give it a new perspective.

Anyways, I’m excited to be writing again. I’m excited to be writing for me again.

And hopefully I can keep myself on a schedule that will reward me by letting me do the writing I love.