I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about everything that I need to do to be out there, selling my writing. I’m still nervous about it because my shy nature is going to make it more difficult to put myself out there. More than anything I need to get out there and sell something that I love. And that’s something that scares me.

However, that’s not the point of what I’m writing. I’ve written about how nervous this makes me until the cows come home.

I’m wondering if I’m suffering from a lack of focus here.

I know that there’s a lot of things that I want to write about. And… well, I enjoy just writing to write. I’ve even changed the tag line for the blog to cater to what it’s really about. “Life, geekery and the pursuit of the WGA”. After all, that’s what this is really about. It’s me writing about the things that I’m a geek about. It’s about me writing about things in my life. It’s about my writing whether it be an impromptu short story or a piece of my screenplay.

And I like that.

I’m just wondering (out loud if you will) if maybe that might be too much. Should I diversify and separate the geekery from life stuff.

I think that I might need to create more categories. Maybe that would help. Now if only I could remember to correctly categorize my writing…

Granted, this is just me brainstorming here.

I think what I might do is do a slight overhaul here and be more vigilant about categorizing.

OK, I’ll let you go and ramble no more.