Dreams are pretty interesting things. In some ways they can be a portal into your psyche. They can be bizarre, surreal, frightening, terrifying, sad or realistic. They can be prophetic. More than anything, they speak volumes about how active the human brain is while at sleep.

I generally get dreams that don’t really make sense. I think that most people do. The ones that disconcert me are the ones where they feel real.

When I was a kid, I would often have dreams where I would do things like go to the bathroom (I know, exciting). Granted, that could be anxiety over being able to actually make it when I was a child. Since I haven’t had that dream since the age of 10… I think that might be a safe bet.

I’ve also had realistic dreams where I’m in the middle of a town that’s being engulfed in lava.

I’ve also had dreams that are more dark, but realistic. Things I don’t really feel the need to discuss… because I get what they’re about.

Last night I had two dreams that seemed like they were building one each other. The first one was me and my SO were living somewhere… not where we are now. Somewhere more urban. We had a large rooftop garden. And we were friends with one of the few musicians I’ve had a fan girl crush on, who happens to be Japanese. So, I’m guessing the place we were in was a city in Japan.

We were talking and having a good time before he had a performance. He was looking for a specific CD. I read what CD he was looking for and offered to go find it. I go out and look for it, but to no avail. I come back and let him know. He’s disappointed, but goes on with the show.

Then I have another dream where we’re hanging out in the afternoon getting lunch or something.

It was weird. I’ve never actually had a dream like this… and certainly not one where it continued off of the other dream.

Now it’s possible that my writing could be coloring my dreams… but I really don’t think that’s the case. The people in the dream didn’t share names or anything else really.

Which leads me to a theory that I’ve had since I was a kid… what if when we sleep we’re actually activating another life somewhere… or we’re living a snippet of that life. I know, interesting idea… just not realistic. But it also lends to the thought of multiple timelines for singular existences.

Of course, I’m sure that I’m not the only person to come up with that theory. Who knows.

All I can hope is that maybe this is a show of what’s to come… or at least a very entertaining, strange and somewhat happy-making dream.