It’s one of those interesting things. I live in an area that gets quite a bit of wind. It’s been gusting all night long. Normally I don’t sleep very well. It’s too much noise and the sound of the wind is such (since we’re getting it straight off the ocean) it sounds probably stronger than it actually is. However, I fell asleep pretty quickly last night.


I have a lousy cold. Now, this isn’t the worst cold I’ve had. I didn’t have a high-grade fever and I only seem to have one plugged sinus. This is great. I’m glad to be have a light cold.

I still hate being sick. It makes it difficult to do anything because my body is so tired and achy that… while I want to do things, I can’t.

However, I’m forcing myself on the get well faster track. My lunch is going to consist of hot and sour soup and garlic chicken, both of which are spicy meals.

Yesterday I wanted it to help break my fever… which finally did once I slept. Now I just want to sweat this out.

So, that’s my current plan of assault. See how my body feels after lunch.

Gotta take being sick one day at a time, right?