Of all the days of Fanime, I think that Sunday has been the most useful. I know that might sound silly as it was the last full day of the con. I’m actually kind of surprised with how incredibly useful today has been.

Jet from Cowboy Bebop

We started out our day bright and early so we could catch a 10 AM panel. I woke up at 7:30 (not too big a deal as I woke up Saturday at 7:30 as well). The panel was on ambient light photography and cosplay photography. Now, I know a bit about ambient light photography. It’s rare that I shoot anything that’s not ambient light.

However, I had cut my teeth on film. I still own my SLR camera. This panel was geared more towards digital photography. So, it was teaching me something new… like being able to constantly alter “film speed” or ISO. When you shoot a roll of film, you need to know your speed… you can’t change it from image to image. So, that was new for me. More than anything, I wanted my SO to also get some photo tips out of the panel.

Right after that panel and (thankfully) in the same room that was called “Universal Century Gundam vs. Other Gundam”. As someone who totally admits to being a Gundam fan, this was an epic panel. I hadn’t really put much thought into how the different time lines all come together. This panel was done by the same guy who did the sex trade panel on Friday night. It’s kind of interesting to see someone go from porn to Gundam. It was a great talk and made think better about the Gundam series.

After that panel was lunch time, so we went and got us some food. I was dressed in my version of Ringo from Air Gear. I realize that it’s not a great Ringo, but at least I tried. I think the outfit came together pretty well and so did a photographer. With as many years that my SO and I have attended Fanime, this is the first year that I’ve ever been photographed for costume… So, hopefully soon I can see them. It was pretty exciting for me.

I had to change my costume partly through the day. My body was pretty tired from the two days earlier and lack of sleep. Since we had to go home to feed our dogs (they’re fed on a schedule and we couldn’t manage to get people to puppy sit for them). This was my first year for costume changes. Thankfully I was thinking about it on the ride back and had quickly figured out what it is that I wanted to wear.