After the first round was over, my SO and I had decided to go and partake of the late night adult entertainment also known as hentai and yaoi rooms. Now, since both hentai and yaoi are adult entertainment, they have to maintain a border between the rest of the video room and the hentai and yaoi rooms, complete with ID checking.

Now, I’m not going to lie. I like yaoi. I prefer yaoi to hentai for a few reasons. I like gay porn. I’ve always said that I like gay porn, much to the dismay of a few men and women. For myself, I think turnabout is fair play. If it’s OK for guys to dig girl-on-girl, I think it should be equally acceptable for girls to enjoy boy-on-boy. I also think that the overall stories in yaoi are far better than what passes for plot in hentai. Since we hadn’t managed to get to the rooms any of the other nights, we figured that Sunday would be the best night for it.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 cosplay

I was quite interested by what was playing in the yaoi room… especially the one we were watching. It was a bit of BDSM yaoi. It looked pretty interesting and I might actually need to find it to watch it all. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much time to spend in yaoi because we were both quite tired. I enjoyed what I had watched.

This year we managed to do more than we have ever had a chance to do before. We planned out the panels we wanted to see and actually woke up early to get there early enough to see them. I feel like we managed to get much more out of this con this year than we had in previous years. It was nice to actually get more out of our con. In some ways, I hope we get the chance to do this for Comic Con. I realize that Comic Con is going to be larger than Fanime… but I think we benefited more from being able to plan things out a bit more instead of having to miss panels because we didn’t know about it in advance.

It was also great to see one of my favorite tasty dessert places at Fanime. It was awesome to get to see the Sweet Breams people out there, even if they were really busy the whole weekend. It looked like they did quite well this weekend and while it probably frazzled their nerves, I’m sure it was quite successful.

As I mentioned before… it seems like this year’s Fanime was by far the most populous I have seen it. It’s actually interesting to me. I didn’t think that there were that many anime fans who would come to Fanime. It was quite awesome to see it, including people from other cons. It was interesting to see a guy who works for Sakuracon in Seattle (a convention that I wanted to go to badly because I really wanted to see their music guests). To me, it feels a bit out of nowhere. It could be that since all things geeky are becoming more popular at this point, that the influx is from that. Or it could be because being a geek is more accepted that people are feeling more comfortable and free to explore their geekiness. I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m glad that it seems that people are willing to admit and explore their geekdom. That’s just awesome.

Super Mario SWAT

Speaking of geekiness, now I have a hankering to get back to the Scion tabletop game I’m in. I know that I will get a chance to in the very near future… but I wanna do it now.

That’s OK, I can wait until the group gets together. And now it’s time to enjoy my day off.