(For the first two posts, I didn’t get any pictures. I didn’t feel comfortable getting pictures of the airport due to security. There will be pictures after the first two posts.)

So, why is this called Comic Con, Day Zero?

Quite simple. This is the journey to Comic Con. Mainly this will be talking about waiting at SFO and hotel room stuff.

Is it necessarily overly exciting?

Not particularly. That being said, I’m also feeling like I need a vent some of the added stress that I’m feeling at this moment… Largely due to the scary unknown. What will I get out of this experience?

Now, as I believe as it has been clear before, I am local to the San Francisco area. I live on the San Francisco peninsula which makes SFO the local airport.

SFO is interesting. It’s called San Francisco International, but like most major airports is located outside of the city itself. It’s about 20 minutes south in a city known as South San Francisco/Burlingame. (I apologize to all the locals who already know this information, this is more informative to people who may not ever have been.)

Now, like all American airports it has the same security procedures. Strip down to the clothes you’re wearing and go through the x-ray machine. I’m not OK with going through that machine as there are conflicting reports about how much radiation is put out from it. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly have much of a choice. So, through the x-ray machine I went.

The airline I flew on was in the revamped domestic terminal, terminal 2. It’s the greener of the 2 domestic terminals. That’s something that I appreciate. As the terminal is the newest, it also has a lot of the newer amenities as well. Granted, I notice this largely in the bathroom. The sinks have both a hands free faucet and soap dispenser (not exactly new, but nice) and a Dyson airblade hand dryer. As far as air dryers go, it’s probably the best. It works well and doesn’t leave you having to dry your hands on your jeans or whatever clothing you happen to be wearing.

We had to catch a 6 PM shuttle for an 8:50 PM flight. Now, if some of you remember what I wrote last November when I was stuck in O’Hare for 8 hours, I’m not a big fan of spending lots of time in an airport. It’s boring. There isn’t much to do; and after about 30+ hours of no sleep, it makes one want to climb the walls.

(more to come tomorrow)