(Continuing from yesterday)

This 3 hours isn’t quite as bad as we hadn’t had dinner. It’s also not as bad as we’re not dealing with inclement weather. We shouldn’t be worrying about snow or any other kind of wacky weather as we’re travelling within the state.

The restaurant we ate at was actually quite yummy. Granted I didn’t have anything too special, only a club sandwich. It was tasty none the less. They also had some decent drinks. It was a bit pricey, but getting food at an airport generally is unless they have some fast food options. Terminal 2 at SFO doesn’t exactly have those options.

After dinner we wound up with a 40 minute wait. That’s not too bad. The better part is that we shouldn’t expect to be delayed… as I stated before. Maybe, just maybe I might not be climbing the walls to get out.

The flight was actually pretty nice. I had never flown on Virgin airlines before. It was actually quite nice. The flight was short (an hour and a quarter). Even in economy, it was quite comfy. I really liked being able to have a map up and watch the countdown as we flew in to San Diego. We also had an amusing conversation with the people who were sitting in front of us (oddly enough). When we were boarding the plane I mentioned that the place was the nerd constituency. I also got a chance to make a Police joke. The plane has colored lights running down the center. The light was blue. I said that it’s good that the light was blue otherwise we would have to sing Roxanne.

We landed on San Diego and it felt a bit swampy out. Not as bad as Baltimore or any other Southern city, but there was definitely moisture in the air. We hopped on a shuttle and after a brief wait made our way to the hotel.
While we were on our way to the hotel we waited for a train. I swear that it’s the longest train I’ve ever seen. At one point, my SO even remarked that maybe the train was really a circle and we would be stuck there. After about 15 minutes or so, the train finally passed.

At about 11 we finally made it to the hotel. The check-in was largely painless. I must say, the hotel we’re staying at is huge. I would wager a guess that it might actually be larger than most hotels in Las Vegas. So, it was a bit of a trek to our room.

I would say that the furnishings are a bit old-fashioned. It wasn’t overly expensive and it’s on the Comic Con shuttle line. There’s a shuttle that comes to this hotel. That’s going to be convenient come this early morning.

(Stay tuned for more Comic Con posts tomorrow)