After the pitching panel we ran into friends we rarely get a chance to see (almost quite literally). It was nice to be able to sit down and have a chat with people that we really don’t get a chance to see.

After that we hit the Ray Bradbury panel. This panel he was supposed to attend had he not passed away in June.It was interesting to hear how Ray Bradbury had effected and influenced both the writers and their writing… at least the writers and writing of the authors who were on the panel. It was a nice panel to attend and a great way to celebrate his life.

Chi from Chobits. Picture by Jennifer Bevan

After the Ray Bradbury panel we made our way across the convention center to make our way to the non-writing, non-drawing wanting to work in media panel. This one wasn’t as surprising to me as I knew that there were plenty of media jobs that didn’t need writing or drawing. However, they picked a sampling of jobs that are fun and definitely fall under non-drawing and non-writing. They had a motion capture actor, motion capture director, video game producer, musician and voice acting. They are all interesting careers, but some of them require specialist training or knowledge (musician and possibly motion capture actor for video games). Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of the more exciting panels. A part of that might have been that I was already exhausted and another would be because it was hard to hear where we were sitting.

Lolita girl. Picture by Craig Gordon

Right after that panel was the Archaia pitching panel. Pitching in this panel was largely geared towards pitching comics. It was interesting to see what they want as a submission. It was also interesting to see physically what actually had gotten in as a submission. More importantly, they told us what would be useful for a good comic book pitch by actually having people actually pitching comics ideas. It was quite interesting. It also gave me some more ideas of what I can do with the story that I’ve been writing for some time. Now I have the mind to try to create a comic from the “Sword of Dissent” story that I’ve written… Maybe…

After a long day of panels, we decided to head back to our hotels and get dinner with the friends that we were talking with at Comic Con. It was nice to spend more time with friends that we hadn’t seen in some time.

Because I hadn’t gotten any sleep in 37 hours by the time I had finally went to sleep, I figure that it might be for the best to actually get some sleep so we called it an early night so I could get some sleep.

(Day 2 will be posted tomorrow)