The last day of conventions are great for one main thing: it’s a great place to troll for good discounts on merchandise. Of course, to get these discounts, one must be patient and wait an hour or two before closing. Unfortunately, we weren’t that patient. However, we finally got to see parts of the room that we hadn’t seen before. We got to see the place where a lot of artists were. That also includes some of the guests of honor that were artists.

Walking Dead zombie and sheriff. Picture by Craig Gordon

One of them happens to be Rob Liefeld. He’s best known for his awkward drawings of people with odd proportions and in strange positions that aren’t feasibly possible. He didn’t seem to spend a lot of time at his table. It became a joke that we would suggest that Liefeld take an anatomy class, that way he could finally draw people with the proper proportions.

Along with some of the artist guests of honor, they also had people attempting to sell video games. There was one that was an interesting math game that was aimed at gamers who were children. It was actually an interesting-looking game. I can see how it might instill proper math skills.

While going through the artists area, I also found that two artists that I used to read a lot when I were in high school were there: Richard and Wendy Pini. Back when I was about 10-years-old I started reading Elfquest. I remembered loving to read each volume, devouring each book as I went along. It was a captivating story. While I had a bit of comic book exposure when I was a kid, Elfquest was the only one I actively read. The reason for that was that my family (who were religious) wouldn’t let me read anything that they didn’t first approve themselves. So, getting them to buy me comics was just not going to happen. Elfquest I would borrow from a friend and read it.

Wendy and Richard Pini. I apologize about the slight blur to the image. I was really nervous and excited when I took the picture.

My parents still disapproved, but I kept reading it anyways. It wasn’t their books. Getting to meet someone from something that I loved when I was younger is amazing. Getting to meet them and seeing them talk to people they inspired (like the creator for Avatar: the Last Airbender) was an experience that I could never replace. It was also pretty awesome to hear that they had been married for 40 years and together for 43 years. It meant a lot to me. Probably more than either of them will ever know or I will ever be able to tell them. After all, to them, I’m nobody. I’m a random fangirl. But meeting them meant a lot to me.

After meeting them, biological imperative kicked in again. We walked all the way to the Tilted Kilt. Not an impossible task, but on a hot, sunny day it was uncomfortable. It was an Irish-esque pub. The food was pretty good. I got a pulled pork sandwich that was marinated in Guinness. It was quite tasty. The drinks were good as well. It was obviously a more touristy job as the waitresses were dressed in skimpy costumes. Glad that the food wasn’t as awful as most tourist joints are.

Japanese cards

We head back to the dealer’s room to finish wandering around and checking out the rest of the dealers.

Once we had our fill of the dealer’s room, we got in contact with our friend and hung out around San Diego. We got some pretty decent sushi and met her dogs. We walked along a dog beach and saw more of San Diego than we probably would have seen if we were just to do things around Comic Con.

We were invited to the Dark Horse after party on Sunday, but it was late enough that if we had gone to it, we would have had a hard time getting back to our hotel. It turns out that it’s probably for the best that we didn’t go. I was beat from a day in the sun (as a natural redhead, the sun has a tendency to sap me of my ability to stay up or even want to do anything). So, instead of spending the night drinking, I wound up catching up on sleep so I’d be well-rested for the journey home.