After that was the Rad Bradbury introspective. That was simply touching.

We finished our panels for the day with Archaia: How to Effectively Pitch a Story. It was after this that I got to bug Mark Smylie for more Artesia. See the Archaia post for more details about that.

Throw in a little wandering around and dinner with some friends from Santa Cruz that we hadn’t really seen in years, then we pass out early.

Batmobile from Batman and Batman Returns. Picture by Craig Gordon

Friday we were at the con at 6 AM again, this time waiting in line for Ballroom 20. The line was HUGE. There had been people camping out since the night before. We weren’t at all sure we were going to make it in for the Community panel at 10:00. Long line, short story – we did make it in with the room about 75% full. As with the N.K. Jemisin panel, most of the people there were not actually interested in the current panel. There were quite a few people there for the following Korra panel. The vast majority however were there for the Firefly panel after that. I’m currently boycotting Joss Whedon just because I am so annoyed at his fans. My only hope is that this will get Community a lot more fans.

I think this was the most annoying part of Comic Con for me – the panels that were full because people were waiting for a different later panel. On the shuttle in the morning there was someone planning on just sitting in Hall H for the entire day.

Steampunk Spiderman, picture by Jennifer Bevan

The Community panel was fun. Even if the people on stage looked like ants. Abed, Britta, and Annie (I know those are the characters not the actors, so stop telling me!) were all sitting together at one end of the table and joking it up the entire time. One of the best parts for me was when someone thanked them for portraying someone with Asperger’s in a good, touching fashion. The cast uniformly credited Abed’s personality and popularity on Danny Pudi’s natural warmth. He looked like he was going to cry.

Post Community we retreated to the Broken Yolk for breakfast. The Broken Yolk had been taken over by HUB and was My Little Pony central. The biscuits and gravy were pretty decent. I sent my friends pictures of the MLP themed menu items.

Later I went to the Nappy Hour hosted by Keith Knight. More on him in the section about Sunday. There were a lot more kids there than I expected. At first I thought it might be because they were expecting nap time. I could have used that myself then. On my way out I discovered that the next panel was Monster High, which explained all the kids.
Have I mentioned my annoyance at people filling up panels they aren’t interested in because they are waiting for something later?

We got dinner with a local friend we hadn’t seen in a couple of years at Yu Me Ya Sake House. Decent sushi. We’ve been spoiled by SF Bay area restaurants.

The evening wrapped up with Spike & Mike’s Totally Twisted Animation. They were doing “the gauntlet” – if a short got booed enough, they cut it and went to the next one. A lot of them were good. Several of them were just awful. Those got booed off pretty quickly.

By Saturday we were feeling like extras for The Walking Dead Zombie Walk.

Man painting a background at Comic Con.

We sat through an Attack Of The Show panel because we wanted to see the panel after it and were too tired to go wandering around more. Sitting through a panel we didn’t care about to see the one after it. We had become the enemy.

I’m not going to say anything about AOTS. Just wait for our forthcoming entry about G4 in general.

The panel we were waiting for was Geek & Sundry. I wasn’t really familiar with it but friends recommended it. I don’t watch a lot of YouTube. The panel was mildly amusing itself but the Written By A Kid preview was hilarious. I’ve been catching up on some of the older videos since then. For anyone as unfamiliar with Geek & Sundry as I was, it is Felicia Day’s YouTube channel and website. Wil Wheaton does entries on tabletop games.