Yesterday was an interesting day. I was incredibly tired and still running on fumes (though, I’m not entirely convinced that I’m not doing so today as well). It was yesterday that I was reminded of just how tired I was. It was all caused by a somewhat ordinary phrase that seems hilarious when you’re really tired.

I found out about this particular phrase right after I graduated high school… like literally right after I graduated. I was at a Grad Night party with some friends of mine. The party ran all night. There were all kinds of fun things to do. The party ran all night until… I think 5 or 6 in the morning. Just before the end of the night, they had a raffle. They were giving away some cool things and some silly things. It was then I discovered a way that seems to universally work for gauging exhaustion. That phrase is “rainbow suspenders”.

For some reason, any time I hear rainbow suspenders and I’m exhausted I can’t stop laughing. I’ve also tried it on other people and it seems to have the same effect. For some reason that specific phrase makes people laugh when incredibly tired.

I wonder why that is. Is it because rainbow suspenders in and of themselves are funny or could it be some sort of latent memory of Mork and Mindy?

I honestly have no idea. There’s something about the ridiculousness of rainbow suspenders that makes them instantly funny the more tired you are.

Maybe one of these days, rainbow suspenders tired will actually be a way of gauging exhaustion. Who knows. I, for one, would find that funny.

I also apologize for how brief this post is. I’ve come down with a head cold and am feeling a bit foggy today. If I’m feeling better tomorrow there will be a full-length post.