As the title says, I’ve been sick. I came down with a slight cold.

As far as colds go for me, this has been the most mild. I didn’t wind up with any kind of fever. I had a sore throat for less than 24 hours. Those are both vast improvements over colds that I normally have.

However, it’s the stuffed nose and one nostril sleeping that knocks me out more than anything. It’s because I can’t sleep that makes it difficult for me to write. My brain becomes muddled and foggy.

So, needless to say, writing for here also becomes interesting.

But now I’m on the mend. I can breathe again. I feel less foggy.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to write tomorrow, however. I’m meeting a good friend who is in town and we’re taking our dogs out for a nice little hike. I will try to have something new and less rambling on Friday.

Also, another interesting musing: I wonder if colds will start to be less severe because my body isn’t constantly fighting itself to digest gluten… and less frequent. It will be interesting to see as this cold and flu season wears on if this will continue to be the case. If this is indeed the case, I think that stopping eating gluten might have been the best thing for me ever.