Now, this is no secret… especially if you’ve read this blog. I like anime. I do. I go to Fanime (the local anime convention). I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to attend AnimeExpo… and SakuraCon… and…

OK, I would like to hit more anime conventions.

I also like to read manga. I have lost count with how many series I am in the middle of reading. I even find a way to keep reading the series that were put out by Tokyopop and weren’t finished coming out (which is a shame because they were releasing the manga for Deadman Wonderland, Loveless, 07 Ghost, Gravitation EX and so on).

So, it doesn’t really come as so much of a shock when I want to watch some of the newer series that are out. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time as of late to look for more anime… or even new anime. I feel bad because I would like to be more up-to-date than Blue Exorcist (review coming soon) and Tiger and Bunny. This makes me sad. I wish that I could actually have time to watch more series… and even broaden my horizons.

As I focus on getting a new job , this means that time to seek out new series is going to become less and less (though, I don’t plan to minimize my posting on here). So, I have a request for you readers out there. If you happen to be into anime and have some suggestions, I would love them. I’m eager to check out some new series and explore further in the world of anime. Also, if you have suggestions for manga series to read as well, I would love to hear those in all.

So tell me, what anime do you enjoy watching?