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Her body goes rigid in his arms.

He wants to console her, tell her that everything will be alright, but he can’t. He doesn’t know if she’ll be OK with this. Will she be accepting or will she kick him to the curb?

Tears start to stream down her face. She had suspected something like this. After all, no one leaves for two months only to come right back.

“No, please… this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”, he says as he leads her to the couch.

Once he makes sure she is settled, he sits next to her.

His mind continues to race as he figures out where to start. Does he start with where he’s been for two months? Does he start with what he’s been doing? Does he start with small talk?

Just then she breaks the silence.

“I see that your band has been doing better.”, she says, finally composing herself.

He nods.

“Yeah… surprisingly well. We have a lot of planning we’re working on now.”, he says relieved that she managed to talk first.

“So, why are you here?”, she asks.

“Why am I here…”, he starts, “Yeah… why am I here. I’m here because we need to talk. It’s something that I’ve put off because I wasn’t sure how to approach the subject.”

He looks down a chuckles a little. It may have been inappropriate, but his nerves were getting the better of him.

“I’m sure you know where I’ve been…”, he continues.

She nods with a disapproving glare.

“Of course I know where you have been. Not that I approve…”, she says, “But at least you’re looking well. So, I guess I’ll take that as a plus.”

“Well,”, he says, feeling a bit more uncomfortable, “A lot has happened in that time… and…”

He feels the same anger from her that she had when he had left two months ago, the same unresolved anger. He wishes that she would do something to make him feel more comfortable. He also knows that is probably not going to happen. As much as he wants comfort from her, he also shouldn’t expect it. If he was back with his boyfriend, he knew what would happen. This situation doesn’t necessarily bode well.

As he thought about his boyfriend again, he fought to hide that smile.

He opens his mouth as he starts to talk. He closes it again as he realizes his mind is still formulating what it is he wants to say… how he wants to word it.

“A lot has happened?”, she asks in an almost mocking tone, “What, pray tell, has happened?”

(To be continued)