For the beginning of the story, here’s pt. 1
For the next part, here’s pt.2

“What has happened? What has happened?”, he says nervously.

His mind continues to race to find the right words.

“Well… you know where I’ve been…”, he starts.

She nods impatiently.

“While I’ve been out, I’ve learned a bit about myself. I’ve also learned that while I’ve been away with him, I also still want you in my life…”, he continues awkwardly, the weight of his discomfort becoming more apparent on his face.

“What are you saying?”, she asks him.

“What am I saying?”, he says reflexively.

He takes another deep breath as he truly comes to terms with what it is he needs to tell her.

“There are certain truths that I am more aware of now, than I was two months ago.”, he says resolutely.

An annoyed look breaks out on her face as this part is taking longer than it should.

“The truth is, I’m into boys as well. I like being with him as much as I like being with you.”, he finally blurts out with a great degree of discomfort.

She frowns and responds, “Be with how?”

“Romantically, sexually… Everything. As much as I’ve tried to hide from it, it’s always come back in painful ways. It was getting to the point that I was pushing away so hard that it was threatening to break up the band.”, he explains, “Looking at him, feeling for him as I still do became painful. I would hope that you would understand that, but…”

She takes a measured deep breath.

“So, what does that make you? You’re not gay, because you still want to be with me…”, she starts looking a bit confused and a whole lot annoyed.

He takes another deep breath. He grabs her hand.

“The truth is, I want to be with both of you. I still love you, but I love him as well.”, he says.

She shakes her head.

“Does he know about this?”, she says, quite cross.

“He does. He’s been encouraging me to come here and have this conversation with you.”, he admits.

“And what about that boy that he was with?”, she asks.

“He’s still with him as well.”, he responds.

“How does that make you feel?”, she says, almost like making a point.

(To be continued)