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When the elevator descended, he felt that self float away. While it wasn’t ideal, he at least knew that he finally had found himself anew.

He finds himself staring at the numbers as they change, counting down the floors until he reaches the bottom. As he stares at the numbers, what he just did starts to really sink in. It’s not simply that he came out to somebody. He put everything on the line. She is on good terms with his family.

He mind suddenly begins to race. He fully takes in the possible ramifications of what he’s done. And while he feels like a huge weight is off his shoulders, he feels the sinking feeling of what could happen.

He’s always been afraid to tell his family that he liked boys. Granted, he doesn’t exclusively like them… but I don’t think that would make things any better. The fact that he just gave his fiancé an ultimatum so he could date both the love of his life and her…

His eyes widen. With each successive ding, his grip tightens on the railing behind him.

With the final ding, the doors slide open.

He walks out, white-faced, eyes still wide.

“What the fuck did I just do? Will she talk to my family about this?”, he thought.

His deepest fear has always been telling his family about him and his boyfriend. It was that very fear that parted them in high school. It’s the same fear that his boyfriend stated before he took off to talk to her.

He walked through the lobby like a zombie. Once he was outside, he looked up. If the weather decided to take a turn for the ironic, it would start raining on him. All he saw when he looked up was nothing but blue sky.

He took a deep breath and walked over to a near-by bench. He plopped down on the bench. He needed a moment to really think about what just happened.

He took another deep breath.

“On the plus side, I’m no longer lying. I put what I wanted out there to the one person Who could do something about it. I came out. Then again, I came out. She knows my family. If she really wanted to, she could tell them, talk to them…”, he thinks, his quite sullen.

“And what would my family do? What’s the worst possible thing they could do? Disown me?”, he continues to think, his eyes darting back and forth.
(To be continued in a week)