I’ve had some interesting dreams as of late. I generally don’t have any recall of my dreams, but for the past couple of nights or so, I’ve had rather vivid and lucid dreams. And I’m not quite sure what my brain is telling me.

I find it interesting how the brain works and what dreams tell you. I’m almost curious what these two dreams are telling me.

Now I have some recurring themes in dreams. Large aquariums filled with man-eating fish is one that occurs from time to time. Centipedes also tend to occur as well. Both of these are things that disturb me… and in the case of the aquarium is a phobia.

Another recurring theme is zombies. I have no idea why zombies. Maybe it’s my indoctrination at a young age of watching zombie movies (I saw the original “Night of the Living Dead” when I was 5 or 6). I don’t know why specifically zombies, but it’s a recurring theme that I’ve had for some time and I’m not really sure why.

The dream I had a couple of nights ago was a zombie dream. Me and my partner were getting of a plane to hear about an outbreak of zombies. The airport was fairly deserted, so we made our way through the airport. We then made our way to a safe haven. It was a good sized-building that felt like I’ve seen it somewhere, but I’m not sure where. The indoor area looked very like where I live now. There were two dogs there that look a lot like the two dogs my SO and I have now. Even though we knew that we were going to be hold up for a while, there were no concerns about food. As we were shoring up the weak points of the building, people (actual people, not zombies) joined us to the point where we became a human commune within this building. Since people were freaking out (who wouldn’t), I took control of the situation and took the lead. I delegated responsibilities to people.

A few months pass and we somehow managed to build a zombie-proof perimeter fence. The entire group was still there and we were enjoying a nice day outside, complete with barbecue and swimming. It was a nice, quite and peaceful day. It was like one of those communities that you only see in TV or movies from the fifties where everyone gets along great and you enjoy doing things together like block parties. While we’re outside enjoying ourselves a military man comes up and say that the zombie threat is over. That’s when I woke up.

A couple of interesting notes about this dream. While there were a few zombies here and there, I never remember seeing any zombie hordes (similar to most of “28 Days Later”). Whenever I wake up, the dream ends. Every time I woke up during this dream, when I went right back to sleep it continued. This is interesting because it has never happened before.

This morning I had another interesting dream. I dreamt that I was back in high school (insert quote from Nirvana, School, “You’re in high school again”). I was preparing for the first day of school, which for some reason was in spring. I was going to a high school in Pacifica and I had a better relationship with my mom than I actually have. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “You’re having a high school dream! Now that sounds like a nightmare.” It wasn’t.

I was going to high school with a lot of the friends that I have now, so I wasn’t due for the awkward trying to make new friends moment that you usually have when you get to high school. It was interesting though… and I kind of wonder what they two dreams mean. So, if you know something about dream interpretation feel free to use it. I find having two dreams like this to be interesting and am wondering what the significance is.

The human brain really is quite interesting.