I had planned to do another post tonight. Possibly a post about Stephanie Meyers or a review of DOA 5.

Something else pushed that train off the track. It was an incredibly unfortunate event where I could have done things differently any number of times.

Last night, after having a great interview and a nice dinner my SO and I came back to our car to see the window broken out. That, in and of itself, is pretty upsetting.

Then we saw what was actually missing. They had grabbed my bag that I had on me… that I carried on me because I was riding my bike. I carry a Camelbak when I ride my bike because it’s so much easier to use the nozzle on it than it is to constantly grab a bottle attached to the frame of my bike.

Honestly, it wasn’t what was stolen from me that upset me… well mostly. Largely, it was that I felt violated. That I lost the comfort that I felt because someone felt the need to smash and grab. That’s more upsetting than having to cancel credit cards. That’s more upsetting than having to wake up at 5 AM to invalidate my passport and stay awake until 9 to report my ID as stolen. That’s more upsetting than having to re-key both the condo and mailbox. It’s even more upsetting than having to contact the credit reporting agencies to let them know that the possibility of fraud.

It is upsetting enough that I got a total of 30 minutes of sleep last night and another hour once my SO was awake.

What bothers me more is that it’s not like the theft was down out of necessity. It wasn’t. It was probably done by some teenager or adult who was looking for better shit. And that’s really disheartening to me. I like to think that people who are stealing things are doing it out of need. That it’s not because they think they can get some awesome shit out of it. They didn’t manage getting anything that was that great. They got a used, 2nd gen. iPad that isn’t even compatible with the current iOS. They got a somewhat new iPod Touch… but not the latest version. They got credit cards that are now canceled. They probably got about $11 in cash, total.

What they gained was hardly worth what I lost. Of course, I know that they don’t care. If they actually thought about what they were doing or cared, they probably wouldn’t have done it. And after doing it they probably realized they didn’t get anything of any worth.

And that’s really fucking sad.

Sometimes that makes me wonder why I’m not more misanthropic. I constantly question that.

At least I know that I’ve done all that I can to curb identity theft. So, at least there’s that.