So, in news of what’s been going on in my world, I’ve been working, actually working. I’m actually happy to be spending time outside of the house. I do miss my two pups while I’m out, but I enjoy actually working. It’s helping me feel more productive. It also helps me feel like I’m contributing to the household. Now if I can finally work out all the commuting bugs, it will be perfect. On the plus size, this job will allow my bike a chance to get more road time. I’m glad that I get to get back into the swing of biking. Unfortunately, it’s little steps now. My goal is to be able to bike from my work to the Millbrae BART station.

I’ve done a lot of writing lately, personal writing. I’ve been working on the short (possibly soon to be novella-length) story. I also have been working on another story. Not sure if I’m going to be sharing this, but I like how the story is shaping up. I’m enjoying being able to write more and more. Writing is something that makes me quite happy. I’m still working out the kinks in posting, I’m hoping to have this figured out so I can post more than once a week.

This Saturday is the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco. I will be there with my SO. It’s something that I enjoy doing as I go every year. It’s a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of people. I get there bright and early so we can get parking and be there in time for the purification of the mikoshi. I enjoy festival days, I wish we had more of them here. I’m hoping that one of these days I will get the opportunity to go to Japan and see them for myself. I do plan on writing about my experience at the Cherry Blossom Festival, complete with pictures.

My phone has been rocketed into the 21st century. I no longer and using my trusty ye olde phone that I’ve had for 4 years. This is a good thing. That means I can post when I’m not near my computer. So, I’m going to work on getting that going… however, it might mean posting later in the day until I’m fully comfortable in my job and we discuss me having a different schedule. I’m still working that out.

Other than that, I’m getting back into the swing of having to wake up in the morning and go to work instead of plodding downstairs. More importantly, I’m starting to feel less stressed. It’s been sometime since I’ve not felt this way. I feel like I can breathe more freely. Even better, I have a job I enjoy. So, as I get more comfortable in this job, I’m also going to be a lot more stressed. This is a good thing.

So, that’s what’s going on in my world. It’s not necessarily exciting, but it’s life. And this is certainly a work in progress. I hope to soon be back on a writing/posting schedule. So, until then, thank you for sticking with me during this bumpy ride.