Crochet (or knitted) Sailor Moon is awesome

Crochet (or knitted) Sailor Moon is awesome

After the end of the panel, it was time to get dinner with another couple of friends. For me, it’s always fun to get some good downtime

Korra blowing off a beau

Korra blowing off a beau

in the middle of a convention. After all, conventions are still work for me. Getting to chill with friends and have a good time with food and talking is almost always worth it. Sunday night was also a good example of that.

After dinner we decided that it might be better to call it an early night instead of going to watch yaoi again. Of course, that night’s movie fair was largely stuff that I have seen/own. It would be fun to go and see the corn scene again in a room full of like-minded people. Alas, the social stimulation was starting to wear on me and forced me to take that downtime that I desperately needed.

After getting a decent amount of sleep and starting to get our stuff together (as we were checking out of the hotel). I decided to catch one last panel. That panel was “Philosophy in Anime”.

I must say, this was possibly the most enlightening panel I saw the entire weekend. I love how it would use anime as specific examples of philosophy. Even better was the philosophical conversation that I had prior to the panel, talking about deism in both Fullmetal Alchemist and Madoka Magica. Going through the panel and listening to their examples followed by the conversation that happened afterwards… I was in nerd heaven. There were so much discussion about different forms of philosophy and how they were represented. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t talking about nihilism. However, that might be a bit too heady for the last morning of a con.

Meirin rubbing Pluto's belly while being grabbed by Pluto.

Meirin rubbing Pluto’s belly while being grabbed by Pluto.

After a thoroughly enjoyable panel, I figured I would make one last sweep of the dealers’ room. After all, that’s the day you really want to go. Many dealers want to make deep discounts and get rid of the rest of their merch so they don’t have to lug it back home.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to score any decent discounts. I did, however, manage to score a Team Edward t-shirt (Edward from Cowboy Bebop) and an awesome book that was illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano. I do so love his illustration style.

After the final sweep it was time to be off back to home.

I must say, this Fanime was the best I had been to in some time. I think that being in a hotel room helped immensely. There was no worrying about making it home before falling asleep. We could be out later and enjoy more things. It was a bit more expensive, but considering how many meals I ate in the room because we could bring our own food, I think it was probably for the best. It certainly made eating gluten-free so much more easy. After all, there aren’t a lot of gluten-free options near the convention center. All in all, it was incredibly enjoyable. Now I’m all excited for next year.