After the Pitching Hour, we headed over to Insights for Independents followed by the Writers’ Journey. This was a information filled 2 hours.

Winry "the Riveter" Rockbell

Winry “the Riveter” Rockbell

First was Insights for Independents. This was largely talking about independent comics. This is partially up my alley because I may have to self-publish my graphic novel idea. It gave me lots to think about… like the scope of what I want to do at one time. It also gave me a lot to think about when it comes to actually printing my own work. Should I start with a graphic novel? Should I break it down into chapters and do small comic books? They were also very honest about the fact that self-publishing may not garner any profit. I appreciate honesty in panels. I love that in every panel at Comic Con they are absolutely honest about everything. This panel was no exception. I also didn’t realize that there was a comic writers’ union… So, I also learned that. There’s so much more that was conveyed to us in the panel, but I don’t want to bore you with the minutae of each panel.

Right after that panel, but in the same room was the panel called Writer’s Journey. Whereas Insight for Independents had people in the comic industry for panelists, Writer’s Journey had largely writer’s… and more importantly TV and film writers. Not only were we treated to great anecdotes behind each writer’s work, we were given great places to start. They also talked about their issues with diversity in writing. This is something that I’m interested in. As a female writer, it’s hard to know if you’ll be well-received or not. If you’re going to be dismissed because you’re

One of the panelists from Writer's Journey panel.

One of the panelists from Writer’s Journey panel.

female. I’ve almost thought about altering my name to simply my first initial so you won’t know what my gender was. They also shared the best way to get artists to produce work for you. Honestly, the tip wasn’t entirely surprising to me. If you want your artist or art department to produce work, you need to pay them.

I know, that’s not exactly the revelation of the century. After all, if you want anything done, you need to offer payment or like compensation relative to the work they’re doing.

Right after Writer’s Journey ended I made my way right to the Viz Media panel.

A lot of the upcoming titles in manga were titles that I had covered before in my post here and here. So,

The 8-spoked wheel of dharma is hungry

The 8-spoked wheel of dharma is hungry

a lot of the upcoming titles in manga didn’t exactly change between Fanime and Comic Con. However, there were some awesome, just announced as of Anime Expo news. Viz Manga is adding 2 new Miyazaki manga and an art book to their library: The “Art of Mononoke”, “Starting Point” (the start of Miyazaki’s career) and “Turning Point” (about the point where he makes it big). I am actually excited about the Miyazaki books. I think I’m going to need to pick up both “Starting Point” and “Turning Point”. I like hearing other writers/creators stories. They’re also going to be publishing a manga called “Gangsta”. It will have a similar feel to “Black Lagoon” and “Gantz”. In January of next year they’ll be releasing a manga form on “Nisekoi” which is currently running in Shonen Jump Weekly. They also will be releasing “False Love” next year. It’s a shonen romance story. They also plan on releasing Dragonball in color next year on February 4. And they’re finally re-releasing “Ranma 1/2” on March 11.

Now, this is news that is incredibly exciting, at least to me. Some of you readers out there may or may not know (though if you read my post about the end of Tokyopop Publishing, you might know already) that I have been eagerly awaiting someone to pick up the license for “Deadman Wonderland”. I was beyond thrilled when I learned that Viz picked up that license. I love this story, I can’t recommend it enough. Viz will be releasing the first volume of “Deadman Wonderland” on 2/11. I was so thrilled by

Even cosplayers go to panels.

Even cosplayers go to panels.

this that I went up to the Viz manga representative after the panel and thanked him for acquiring the license.

Viz is also releasing the Japanese Sci-Fi novel, “Haikasoru: All You Need is Kill”, which is being adapted into the movie “Edge of Tomorrow”. Also in novel news, Viz will also be releasing a new translation of “Battle Royale” on April 2. I’m curious how it’s different from the translation already in existence. I may have to pick up the new translation and see. The day before the new translation of “Battle Royale is released, they’re also releasing a book called “Battle Royale Slam Book”. It’s a book of essays about “Battle Royale”.

In digital manga, Viz is making all of their older and more mature titles avaible for download online. Jaco the Patrolman (created by Akira Toriyama of Dragonball, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest fame) will be running in Shonen Jump Weekly.