Quite impressive Rocketeer and Ghostbuster costumes.

Quite impressive Rocketeer and Ghostbuster costumes.

After that panel, I made my way to the last panel of the day. It was a panel on voice acting. It was done by Bang Zoom Entertainment, a voice acting studio that also does voice acting classes in Burbank. They presented information of voice acting, and the industry of voice acting. The industry panelists they had were Amanda Wyatt: a voice acting director on Halo 4 and Assassins Creed 2 and Roger Craig Smith: voice actor in Batman Arkham Origins, the upcoming movie “Planes”, Sonic the Hedgehog, Assassins Creed and the voice of Chris Redfield from the Resident Evil series.

They gave a lot of information about how to get out there as a voice actor. They also gave people the chance, if they wanted it, to read copy like one would actually do when auditioning for a voice acting role. It was interesting to see how voice acting works. I also learned about the difference between anime and traditional screenwriting, namely you put in sounds that the person would need to make. While in screenwriting, you can write little cues as to what the actor should be doing, but you’re supposed to leave a lot of that interpretation to the actor and the director.

Sweet Joel cosplay. I'm still *way* in to Mystery Science Theater 3000

Sweet Joel cosplay. I’m still *way* in to Mystery Science Theater 3000

After a full day of panels, I finally got some downtime in. I needed it as I hadn’t left the convention center since… I believe 10 AM. I was quite hungry since all I did was snack a little throughout the day (mostly enough to keep myself from sugar crashing). We made our way through the Gaslamp and on down to the restaurant Gaijin.

I don’t think I could do this restaurant justice in a brief write-up here, so I’ll post a full review on them at a later time. Suffice to say, the food there was amazing. I wish I could go on more about it, but unfortunately, I really don’t want to monopolize my Comic Con post with a huge ol’ restaurant review in the middle.

After a very tasty dinner, we made our way back to the Hard Rock Hotel. This place happens to be the celebrity spot. I was hoping to get a chance to do some networking with writers, but that place was incredibly high security. If there is one thing that I regretted about this year, was that while I did network with more people this year, I didn’t manage to really network with the people who I would need to. This is something that I have a feeling will require a lot of work making my way in. Of course, this is also something that was warned about in the Writer’s

Master Roshi from Dragonball/ Dragonball Z

Master Roshi from Dragonball/ Dragonball Z

Journey panel. It’s like breaking out of jail. Once someone manages to do so, they figure out how to close up that way so people have to find new ways. So, I will continue to figure it out for myself.

So, instead of going to the Hard Rock, we went to the bar at the Omni (across the street from the Hard Rock). It was a lot more mellow. It didn’t seem like there was much there in the way of networking so we headed home so we could be up bright and early again the next day.