I haven’t been posting as of late. That’s largely because I really haven’t been writing much as of late aside from pithy notes on Facebook. I haven’t been writing much largely because of pain.

I also had to stop taking classes for the same reason.

I have had serious issues with back pain for almost my entire adult life. Last month the kicked in hard… very hard. So hard that I’m now on pain management medication that gives me the attention span of one of my dogs. It’s also been emotionally take it’s toll as I find it difficult to do many of the things I love at the moment. I’m not happy to be at this point. However, being here is making me want to fix the problem instead of throw pain meds at it.

I hope, in the following weeks to be able to get back to writing. I also hope to soon depend on the pain meds a lot less… thanks to the wonders of physical therapy.

I apologize for my absence, hopefully it won’t be for too much long.