That’s right, I’m back in full swing. There will be many more posts to come. I’ll finally finish up my Comic Con post. I’ll also fill you in on some of the happenings from the J-Pop Summit Festival. I’ll also review my experiene of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn so far.

But back to the Comic Con posts!

"Ha ha!", says Robin in giant inflatable form outside the Hilton.

“Ha ha!”, says Robin in giant inflatable form outside the Hilton.

Friday morning was another early start. This wasn’t so much a concern of needing to be there early to wait in line this year. We had parking and since we knew that this would be another long day of walking, we wanted to keep the car closer to the ground floor and get there early enough to have a brunch.

Friday was still a super-busy day, but nothing was as epically busy as Thursday.

After getting breakfast, we walked to the convention center. We got to see some pretty neat things that were around the convention center. The grass area right next to the center always has something neat. Last year they had all the Batmobiles. This year was more understated. There were giant Teen Titans inflatable characters and some really awesome Lego pieces.

The Lego pieces were amazing. Someone created life size versions of Batman, the Joker and Bag

It really was

It really was

End complete with dwarves. It was really awesome.

We then walked along the dockside. There was a tall ship docked there. I noticed it when we were waiting in line fore badges the previous day and got excited. I’m a sucker for tall ships. I love maritime history, so it was awesome seeing it. It was a ship on loan from the San Diego Maritime Museum and was done up like a pirate’s ship from Assassins’ Creed 4. There were people already in line to get on the ship and explore, including people dressed as various Assassins’ Creed characters… as well as some

Assassin's Creed tall ship for Assassin's Creed IV makes me happy

Assassin’s Creed tall ship for Assassin’s Creed IV makes me happy


We walked around the convention center and walked inside. We had a little time to kill before the first panel, but decided to wait in line for it instead. It’s probably for the best we did. Neither of us realized how insanely popular that panel was. There was quite the lien when we got there.

Once the panel started, I understood why the panel was so popular. It’s a great panel. It was an enlightening panel as well as thoughtful. They were talking about the black perspective in media… and it was funny. There was a lot of humor in the panel and absolutely worth going to. They also had some pretty big names in the panel, like Orlando Jones and Wayne Brady. The panel wasn’t held in one of the major rooms (Hall H, Ballroom 20 or Indigo Ballroom), but it wasn’t a small room either. I must say, I think I might need to fit in this panel every year now.

After the Black panel, I had some time until the Neon Alley panel, so I decided to see the panel just

Wayne Brady and Orlando Jones at the Black Panel

Wayne Brady and Orlando Jones at the Black Panel

before it, which was a panel for the launch of a company called Titan Comics.

Titan has been around for about 30 years in the UK. It’s actually quite a big name there. Some of the titles under Titan are: Titan Magazine, Books… they also sell a lot of merchandise as well. They also hold Big Planet (also in the UK). They decided to branch out and create Titan Comics.

Some of their launch titles are “Razorjack” (which is written by John Higgins, the colorist for Watchmen), a fully remastered and relettered edition of “First Kingdom” by John Katz. It includes some extra material. Some of the other titles that will be available through Titan is “Lenore” (a personal favorite of mine)… which I was surprised to see that they’re no

Free face hugs, you know you want them.

Free face hugs, you know you want them.

longer going to be publishing through Slave Labor Graphics. They also released the graphic novel for “Devil May Cry”.

There was a lot of information they tried to get through. The more interesting part was John Katz. He’s been in the comic industry for some time. He had a lot of interesting anecdotes to share, including some things about the comic industry.

The panel was more interesting than I would have thought it would be.