Hello there everybody,

While I’m not posting another Comic Con post today, I am working on getting in the habit of posting more freqently. This also means sometimes writing little anecdotes. Unfortunately, not everything in life can be soul searching. After all, if we didn’t have fun every now and then life would be work.

As we come to the close of October and the beginning of November, we come to the scary part of the year called the “Holiday Season”. As we all know, that’s just fancy talk for Xmas.

That is something that saddens me. Xmas seems to come earlier every year (don’t even get me started on Xmas in June). We forget that , at least in the United State, we have another holiday, Thanksgiving. For us in the States, Thanksgiving is a time to eat tasty, tasty foods. It used to be my favorite eating holiday. It still is, but I can no longer partake in the general fair that everyone else is (I’m at least gluten intolerant). Another important fact (well at least to me) is that it’s also my birthday. I am often frustrated by how early Xmas comes in the States. It’s to the point where I have had to ask my family to not put any Xmas decorations up before my birthday (my immediate family, not in my household). Luckily for me, this is something that they’ve been willing to do.

And a big part of this is, I don’t think I get the hubub around Xmas. I like to give gifts through out the year at random intervals, for no particular reason. So a day where people get a lot of things at one time doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me. And perhaps that’s it. I don’t know.

I do understand the religious component. I was raised Christian. So, I get the story behind Xmas (even if science says it’s not entirely accurate). Being non-Christian now does mean it doesn’t have the same religious conotation.

The truth is, there a lot of reasons that I both get and don’t get Xmas.

But, you know what, Halloween is tomorrow (at least for me). I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it and my post-Halloween shopping on Friday (gotta stock up on spooky things for half-off).

Hope you have a spooky time tomorrow as well.