I guess hangover wouldn’t really be a correct phrase for today. After all, last night I managed to practice moderation incredibly well. I had a total of two drinks all night. I would call that doing something right.

In previous years I would go to a Halloween event for one of my favorite Goth/EBM dance clubs. I’d been doing that for years. Last year it was assimilated into a much larger event. And while the much larger event is pretty neat, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

That left us without a fun place to spend an adult Halloween. So what to do…

There isn’t a lot of fun, geeky events in our neck of the woods. Oh, how I wish I knew of some good geeky Halloween events that doesn’t involve me staying home.

So, instead we headed over the California Academy of Sciences in San Fransisco and hit their Nightlife party.

Nightlife is a weekly Thursday night event they regularly hold. It’s a good place to learn about science and have a drink or two, possibly catch a drag show or wander through Steinhart Aquarium. There’s also some DJs as well.

We had been discussing going to a Nightlife event and being that we had nothing else to do last night, we decided this was the event.

The event itself is really kind of neat. It’s themed and has sciencey things that are according to the theme. It was really kind of neat to incorporate science into my Halloween. The even was fun, but there were far too many hipsters for my liking.

However, today I’m in a special kind of pain… more than likely due to being dressed up as a pirate and wearing a wasit cincher all day.

One the other hand, I am truly grateful that I have this Friday off. I get a chance to just relax and unwind and taking care of my aching body.

I hope all of you out there had a wonderful Halloween in all of it’s spooky fun.

Until Monday!