OK, so it’s not so much new things as it’s a new thing. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to fit much new into my schedule as of late… something that makes me quite sad. More that it’s a more different thing.


A large part of that is my ongoing back pain struggle. I’ve been using medication for it, which largely makes me a bit loopy and tired. I’m tired of just treating the issue with drugs though. While for some that might seem like the ideal way to handle it, it isn’t for me.

I tend to be a rolling stone. I don’t like to live a more sedentary life. I like being able to get up and do things instead of sitting in one place. This back pain has really made me, well, a bit depressed (not to mention that I think the medication might also have gluten in it, but that’s a different discussion).

So last night I finally started Pilates.

I knew a little about it from seeing people do it on TV shows. I didn’t know what it was really like, because this is totally new to me.

And it was interesting. It was more of a workout than I was expecting. It was also a lot of fun too. It hadn’t felt like an hour had gone by… and I felt like Jell-O afterwards. That’s right up there with some of the best yoga classes I had done.

I do believe that I might be on the right track to finally being able to deal with back pain. That makes me happy.