The Master and Torgo from, "You know, Manos, the Hands of Fate". One of the awesome things was getting to talk about MST3K with fellow fans.

The Master and Torgo from, “You know, Manos, the Hands of Fate”. One of the awesome things was getting to talk about MST3K with fellow fans.

Saturday was a day where things didn’t quite go as planned. That’s not a bad thing so much as it meant that I got some more downtime instead of running back and forth to panels all day. Given the previous two days, that was a much-needed break.

I had intended to hit the Machinima panel on Saturday morning, I really had. Once we had sat down to breakfast I had decided that I really would rather just take it easy and make it a more chill kind of day. So, instead of throwing myself into the line for Indigo Ballroom, we instead decided to look at the dealers’ room yet again.

We bought some neat gear (like a sweet Elf Quest shirt from Mighty Fine). I also got an opportunity to play a bit of “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns”. For a game that so many people disliked, it seems as though it’s profitable enough to make 3 sequels.

And I actually enjoy playing the game. It’s an interesting new interface. You can change jobs midstream

Saitama from One-Punch Man taking inventory... Or really into reading something.

Saitama from One-Punch Man taking inventory… Or really into reading something.

(similar to Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2). You are a one person party and you need to switch frequently through out combat. So, it definitely feels different from the other two Final Fantasy XIII games.

The one thing that I disliked about the game (but I’m sure plenty of guys will enjoy) is that every time you’d change a job it looked like Lightning was wearing less clothing as each job change requires a change of clothing. Given that that’s my one quibble with the game, I’d say that it’s worth buying and I will probably pick myself up a copy.

This is also when I signed up for the open beta for Final Fantasy XIV. It was free and I figured why not. I’m willing to give games a try.

We wandered around the room for a bit more before deciding to head to the first panel for the day, the Weekly Shonen Jump podcast panel.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeello Nurse from Animaniacs

Heeeeeeeeeeeeello Nurse from Animaniacs

It had been many years since I’ve picked up a Shonen Jump magazine. It had been some time since I had picked up a monthly manga magazine. The last one I had picked up was Shoujo Beat (because I do enjoy me some shoujo manga).

It was interesting to see them doing a live podcast instead of your standard panel. So, this was less informational and more entertaining. The entire panel was talking about the currently running Weekly Shonen Jump manga which include: Blue Exorcist, Dragonball Z, One-Punch Man, Jaco the Intergalactic Policeman, Nisekoi, Naruto Shippunden, Bleach and World Trigger. The entire panel was a Q&A session as both the panelists and the crowd got to both answer questions and ask them as well. It was a pretty fun panel to see.