This morning I feel inspired to write about inspiration (don’t worry, I do have the last of the Comic Con posts ready to go tomorrow and Friday). When I woke up this morning, I felt the need to write about inspiration, so I am.

So, at about 3 this morning I woke up because one of my dogs accidentally turned on the light. Since the light has a foot switch, this does occasionally happen from time to time. It also tends to wake me up when it does happen. So, what is there for one to do? One gets off and turns off the lights, which is what I did.

Once the light was off I tried to go back to sleep.

However, my brain was swirling with words as ephemeral spider webs just coming to this side of consciousness. This made it difficult for me to sleep… which is why I’m grateful to have a smart phone that happens to have a writing app installed.

I managed to purge the whirling word dirvish from inside my head and made it safe again to go to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I started to wonder why is it that inspiration tends to pop up in the most unlikely and inconvenient of places? I’ve had it happen when I’ve been on a bus to a job interview or in the middle of the night. It occasionally happens when I can write the idea down before it disappears back into the ephemera. Then there are stories that never seem to go away and stay with you for years until you finally write them down.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s strange to me because I get these random ideas at the oddest, most bizarre of times, I don’t know. I do know that I try to collect what I can from the ideas that come to me and cobble them in to something. Maybe that’s enough.