Calling almost all supergirls.

Calling almost all supergirls.

I had a lot of plans of interesting things to see on Sunday… I really did. Unfortunately, I made the supreme sacrifice to see something that I had wanted to see for years. I sat through 2 panels that were of minimal interest for me so I could see Neil Gaiman.

And, man… it was so worth it.

First I sat through the X-Men panel. It was actually quite interesting… even though I don’t know much about X-Men. Not because I don’t like X-Men. I actually do like it, but I never wanted to start such an established series so far into it’s run. It’s kinda hard to go back and read all the early stuff when it’s largely out of print.

The panel opened with a trailer for “Agents of SHIELD” and “Avengers Assemble, Infinity”. I would say

Captain America and his 1940's pin-up cheerleader. (I'm not sure what she would be called, please fill me in if you do know.)

Captain America and his 1940’s pin-up cheerleader. (I’m not sure what she would be called, please fill me in if you do know.)

these are things to look out for, but being that it’s mid-November and “Agents of SHIELD” is already on TV, I’ll skip that.

They started by talking about new series that will be starting… namely the series, “Battle of the Atom”. There are a whole slew of new things that are coming out in November… so that I will cover here as it might still be of interest. Slated for November release is new stuff for: “Uncanny X-Force”, “Deadpool”, “X-Factor”, “X-Men” and “Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe”. “Amazing X-Men” will be starting as a new series this month.

They also talked about the latest “Wolverine” plot line asking what happens if Wolverine looses his healing factor. They insinuated a lot, but I’m not sure what exactly has come of it.

They ended with a Q&A session. There was a cute little kid who admonished the Spider-Man writers for being so mean to Peter Parker. I’m sure most of you out there can only imagine what it was like, but it was so incredibly

Fire Nation vs. Water Nation

Fire Nation vs. Water Nation


After the X-Men panel was a panel for “Ben 10 Omniverse”.

Now, I’ll admit, I’m not a huge Ben 10 fan. I have seen the show, but it’s not really my cup of tea. It definitely caters more to a younger audience and does so pretty well.

They teased with a Ben 10 video game that’s slated for fall of this year, but wasn’t given a date at that point. It’s entirely likely that it might come out in time for Xmas sales, as that would be the most logical release date.

We also got to see a never before shown episode of Ben 10. It was kinda neat to see something before it had even hit the air. It’s something that I hadn’t experienced at Comic Con before. It was nice to feel like I got to see something first.

They also mentioned that there would be a Ben 10 app in the near future. My guess is that it was in the

Poison Ivy and the Riddler

Poison Ivy and the Riddler

early stages of coding and couldn’t say when it would be available. I would guess that it might be available some time in the next year.

There was another adorable moment where I little kid gave the guy who does the voice of Ben his toy omnitrix since he didn’t have one. It was one of those heartwarming adorable moments that I wish I had managed to capture on camera.

After the Ben 10 panel was the real reason I was in that room.